South Africa’s “Oasis (Reach for Your Dreams)” Receives Recognition from UNAOC-BMW Group’s Intercultural Innovation Hub

BERLIN, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / May 25, 2023 / South African organization “Oasis: `Reach For Your Dreams`” is one of ten global grassroots recognized by the prestigious Intercultural Innovation Hub, a joint initiative of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the BMW Group, implemented with the support of Accenture, during a ceremony held in Berlin, Germany.

Selected for their project “Community Street Football/Netball”, the organization leverages the role of sport to help youth who have fallen through the gaps within society, and have either dropped out of school or have become involved in gang-related activities, by supporting their reintegration into society and empowering them to lead positive and self-sufficient lives. The programme engages participants in street football events, while uplifting young people by instilling them with life skills based on the values inherent to sports, such as team spirit, fair play, respect, and conflict management.

“We are honored to receive the support of the Intercultural Innovation Hub in addressing the challenges of the youth in our communities, and providing alternative solutions for their positive growth,” said Clifford Martinus, Founder of “Oasis `Reach For Your Dreams`”.

Every year, the Intercultural Innovation Hub supports grassroots initiatives that promote intercultural dialogue and understanding, thereby contributing to peace, cultural diversity, and more inclusive societies. This year, the Ceremony was chaired by Mr. Miguel Ángel Moratinos, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and the High Representative for UNAOC, and Ms. Ilka Horstmeier, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG People and Real Estate, Labour Relations Director.

Through the Intercultural Innovation Hub, Oasis `Reach For Your Dreams` will receive a financial grant, as well as one year of capacity-building and mentorship support from UNAOC, the BMW Group, and Accenture to help strengthen the “Community Street Football/Netball” project and its contribution towards a more inclusive society. This model of collaboration between the United Nations and the private sector creates a more profound impact, as partners provide their respective expertise to ensure the sustainable growth of each supported project.

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SOURCE: United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC)

Ghana Standards Authority interacts with traders to promote accurate measurements

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has advised traders to use accurate scales to transact business with customers to ensure value for money.

The Authority has expressed its commitment to standardized trading on the market to promote fair trade for consumers.

Mr John Danquah, the Acting Head of the Metrology Department, GSA, said this in Accra at a market sensitization to celebrate World Metrology Day, which was on May 20.

The day is set aside to celebrate Metrologists and ensure that all measurements are reliable and accurate.

The programme is on the theme: ‘Measurement Supporting the Global Food System.’

He said the Authority had engaged extensively with the formal sector, including the cocoa industry and pumps at the fuel stations, to ensure that the right measurements were used in their field of operations.

‘We have made a lot of progress in the formal sector, and we are engaging with the traditional market to see how best we can help them promote accurate weight and measurement,’ he said.

He said, ‘For instance, the public should be able to know how many kilogrammes are in one ‘Olonka’ or how many margarine cups make one ‘Olonka’.

Mr Danquah was excited about the cooperation from the traders, especially the butchers, stating that the Authority would intensify its exercise of? verifying and calibrating the scales and ensuring they conformed to standards.

He said that per the rules of the Authority, every six months the Authority was to conduct verification of scales to ensure that the devices met the required standards.

Mr Danquah encouraged customers to buy their food items from traders using the weight and measure with the GSA mark on the device to ensure fair trade.

Mr Iddi Issa, Chairman of the Greater Accra Butchers Association, commended the initiative of the Authority, saying, ‘For us as butchers, we used the right scale to measure our goods for customers.’

‘As Chairman of the Association, I check the scale every morning to ensure that it is working well before trading begins and that anybody that goes contrary is suspended,’ he said.

He encouraged authorities to expand the exercise to other traders to ensure a holistic standardization of the system.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Police officer injured in a riot at Akatsi Police Station

Some unknown agitating youth of Akatsi South in the Volta Region, have injured a Police officer (name withheld) to launch a mob attack on two suspects, who allegedly murdered Louis Agbogli, a 28-year-old motor rider.

The incident happened on Wednesday, May 24 after the Police put in efforts to arrest the suspects and retrieve the body of the deceased at Nyatsive, a village near the Republic of Togo, where he was allegedly murdered.

Chief Superintendent Isaac Baah, the Akatsi South Municipal Police Commander, narrating the incident to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) said the Police officer got injured on his forehead to prevent the mob justice for the suspects.

He said the incident happened when his men returned from the scene of the alleged murder act together with Etse Datsomor, a 20-year-old suspect in connection with the crime.

The development the GNA observed led to the massing up of some rampaging youth and residents of Akatsi at the Akatsi Police station demanding the release of the suspects, for them to visit ‘instant justice’.

However, it took the timely intervention of the Municipal Chief Executive for the area and the rapid deployment of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Unit of the Police Service to calm tempers down.

The suspects have since been moved to an unknown location waiting to reappear in court on Friday, June 2.

Security has since been beefed up at the Police station, while further investigations into the incident continue.

One suspect had been arrested in connection with the injury caused to the police officer who is receiving medical attention.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Perseus Mining hands-over market, lorry station to Ayanfuri community

Perseus Mining Ghana Limited (PMGL), has commissioned a modern market and lorry station for the Ayanfuri community in the Upper-Denkyira West District of the Central Region.

The $508,000.00 fenced project, comprises three lorry terminals, six market stalls, 20-seater WC toilets and a washroom to serve both travellers and traders.

The project was fully funded by PMGL through its Edikan Trust Fund, instituted to finance projects within their catchment communities as part of its corporate social responsibility.

At the handing-over ceremony, Dr Stephen Kofi Ndede, General Manager of PMGL expressed joy that the project would improve businesses and boost the local economy.

He appealed to the citizens and leaders of the facility to ensure that the best management practices were in force to keep the facility from destruction.

Dr Ndede pledged the company’s commitment towards improving and supporting the people with projects for the benefit of all of them.

Ehunabobriam Pra Agyensaim VI, the Paramount Chief of Assin Owirenkyi Traditional Area, urged the citizenry to be responsible in the fight against illegal mining, which was destroying the land and water that mankind needed to survive.

Nana Agyensaim who doubles as the Board Chairman of PMGL, noted that all hands were needed on board to ensure the menace was reduced to its barest minimum.

Mr Richmond Koduah, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the area, commended PMGL for the tremendous developmental project undertaken so far in the area and called for continued collaboration with the Assembly.

The Assembly, he noted, would construct lockable stores around the market to help expand businesses in the area.

He urged the youth to stop engaging in illegal mining, which was doing a lot of harm to the environment.

Source: Ghana News Agency

ActionAid supports agriculture in two Districts in Upper East

ActionAid Ghana (AAG), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), has presented 60 bicycles to female Agriculture Extension Volunteers in two Districts in the Upper East Region to boost agricultural activities.

The two districts, Bawku West and Nabdam Districts, each received 30 bicycles for the women, as part of the Northern Ghana Integrated Development Project (NGIDP) implemented by AAG together with Urbanet and Tree Aid with funding support from the European Commission.

The NGIDP directly empowered 13,500 women smallholder farmers, some young people and persons with disabilities, strengthened 300 women, farmer groups, and 15 farmer networks and trained 1,050 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and group leaders.

The project also reached a total of 825,000.00 people, directly and indirectly in 15 selected districts in Northern Ghana including all districts in the Upper East Region.

It ensured improved delivery of extension services, and increased awareness of rights to land, social protection and decent work.

At two separate ceremonies at Zebilla and Nabdam to present the bicycles, Mr Alhassan Sulemana, the Regional Manager of AAG, said 240 Female Extension Volunteers were trained by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) to support their communities and catchment areas with basic extension services.

He said the Female Extension Volunteers would help improve the ratio of agriculture extension service personnel and as they were indigenes within the communities who would directly work with farmers in their respective communities, it would be most beneficial to the farmers.

He said the bicycles were to facilitate the movements of the volunteers to augment the services of the few overburdened Agriculture Extension Officers within their catchment areas.

‘So, the essence of these bicycles is for them to be able to move from farm to farm to offer extension services as to what to do, and how they are supposed to do it to get some better yields,’ Mr Sulemana said.

He said the four-year project, expected to end in June 2023, had the overall objective ‘To contribute to rural poverty reduction in Ghana through economic development, adoption of environmentally sustainable agriculture policies and practice, and greater access to social protection.’

Mr Rasheed Imoro, the Nabdam District Director of MoFA, said even though the NGIDP had ended, MoFA would continue to train more women groups to serve as community extension services volunteers.

He said the Ministry’s Extension Officers could not reach all the communities, therefore, the services of the volunteers were relevant, as they would offer first-hand advice to farmers in the communities based on what they were taught.

He said even though MoFA could not supply bicycles to volunteers, it would continue to build the capacities of more volunteers, ‘Going forward, we need to train more of them so that they can give first-hand help to the farmers before technical advice by Extension Officers.’

Some volunteers after receiving their bicycles, expressed gratitude to AAG for the training and the bicycles presented to them.

According to them, farmlands within their catchment areas were far apart, so the bicycles would facilitate their movement within the communities to assist farmers to improve on their yields, especially as the rains had set in.

Source: Ghana News Agency

Newly Constructed Ethiopian Chancery in Beijing Inaugurated

Addis Ababa The Newly Constructed Ethiopian Chancery in Beijing Inaugurated today.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonnen and State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Qin Gang have inaugurated the newly constructed Ethiopian Chancery in Beijing.

During the inaugural ceremony, the visiting Ethiopian high level delegation, Chinese government officials, heads and members of diplomatic corps, CEOs of Chinese investment groups and enterprises, representatives of Ethiopians residing in China, friends of Ethiopia and other invited guests were present.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Africa Needs to Utilize Huge Potentials To Become Among Major Economic Powers: AU Chairperson

Current Chairperson of the AU and President of the Union of the Comoros, Azali Assoumani, stressed the need for exploiting human potential and huge natural resources in Africa and become one of the major economic powers in the world.

The African continent observed today the 60th anniversary of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and its successor, the African Union (AU) at the headquarters of the union in Addis Ababa.

Speaking on the occasion, Assoumani said that Africa has the capacity to put an end to all crises in the socio-economic development of Africa.

“Our continent has a lot of human potential and huge natural resources that will make the continent one of the major economic powers in the world. We have the capacity but also the obligation to put an end to the crisis of all types faced by the continent in order to sneeringly endeavor to the socio-economic development of Africa.”

The AU chairperson underscored let us see these precious opportunities afforded to us and use our talents, experience and expertise of Africa in order to improve our image.

Speaking on the six decades of journey of the African Union, the chairperson said that the organization has achieved tremendous results.

Therefore, he gave the example of the OAU by attending two major objectives in a very difficult historical context such as the conclusion of the decolonization of Africa and an end to apartheid in South Africa.

However, Assoumani stressed the need for the African generations to learn lessons from our mistakes in order to better prepare their future and offer more promising prospects to the continent.

According to him, African countries have been still facing different major challenges.

“The unconstitutional changes of power have been increasing over the past years, the internal intra African conflict also, terrorism continues to prevail, and consequently, peace, democracy and government of our continent are all threatened in our various regions of our continent.”

Thus, Africa needs to ponder together on the action in order to eradicate poverty, which affects the major part of the population, which is, in fact, an open door for tourism on our continent.

“We should do everything to restore and build the confidence in our continent and develop our potential in all different areas,” the chairperson underscored.

He also gave clues to the imperative need for the African Union to become a member of the G20.

“I have had positive feedback on this matter when I participated in the G-7 summit which has just been held in Japan. It is through this permanent presence that our organization the African Union will have the possibility of giving its views and particularly, on the major economic and financial decisions concerning the continent.”

As chairman of the African Union, Assoumani pledged to press for the reform of the UN that will enable our continent to have permanent seats at the Security Council.

And this should put an end to injustice which has always been inflicted on the continent, he indicated.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Former AU Commission Chairperson Urges Ethiopia to Continue Contributions to OAU-AU

Ethiopia should continue the significant contributions it has been making to the former Organization of African Unity and the present African Union, former Chairperson of the African Union Commission Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma said.

The African continent celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and its successor, the African Union, today.

Former African Union Commission Chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, who attended the celebration ceremony in Addis Ababa, told ENA that the African Union has reached this stage by overcoming many challenges.

And Ethiopia has played a very critical role in the OAU-AU from the very beginning, she said.

“Ethiopia, from the very beginning has played a very critical role, and it must continue to play that role. Ethiopia itself must be peaceful. I am hoping that those efforts of ensuring peace are underway.”

Noting that Ethiopia has been progressing, Zuma said if you take where Ethiopia was in the 60 years and where it’s now? There has been enormous progress.

“We appreciate that. We appreciate that Ethiopia has ensured that it connects us through aviation. It has the largest Airlines. We are proud of that and support it.”

The former African Union Commission Chairperson said:“I am very happy to be in Addis, which is an African capital. It is our capital and I’m happy to see the progress since I left…. It’s important that we celebrate every year the African Union with the aim of ensuring that we make progress. Every year must be better than the previous year. This year must be better than last year.”

According to the former chairperson, there are still many internal problems that continue to challenge the continent although Africa has many achievements to be proud of.

“We made progress in terms of decolonization. The challenges are now internal because we still see conflicts within countries. I think that is what we must now deal with. Not country should be in conflict with itself.” The AU must make sure that the guns are silenced.

Zuma further noted that the continent has progressed in terms of the African Continental Free Trade Area, which “we must implement.”

Yet, she underscored that Africa cannot succeed unless it industrializes because manufacturing goods, building proper infrastructure and free movement among the countries are crucial.

Otherwise,“we will be a consumer market for other people’s goods. We (however) must consume our goods. We must trade in our goods and sell to the world as well. I think that progress must be accelerated.”

Above all, Zuma stressed that Africans must be able to feed themselves. “A continent that does not feed itself is not worth anything. We must be able to feed ourselves. We have enough land. We do have rain. We have people. So, we should be able to feed ourselves.”

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

PM Abiy Call on African Leaders, People to Realize Dreams of Great Forefathers of Africa

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has call upon all African leaders and people to heed to the call of great forefathers to foster unity as we commemorates the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the organization of African Unity-African Union (OAU-AU).

Speaking at the event of commemorating OAU-AU 60th Anniversary held at the Headquarters of AU today, the premier said our continent and our AU, with 55 member states is strong and becoming a critical voice in the global arena.

We come a long way in promoting and defending an African common position on issues of interests of our continent and our people, he said.

Yet much remains in the aspiration of our forefathers— in the founding chapter and that of our own Agenda 2063, he said.

Currently, Africa is a continent of 1.4 billion people, he said, adding by 2050 more than half of the global population growth will occur in our continent.

The premier also said: “Paying attention to Africa means paying attention to a continent that by 2050 will be home to one in four human kinds.” This is an opportunity we must harness, he noted.

In an increasingly complex dynamic and fast changing global order, unity is no more a catch phrase, but a means of survival, he said.

“The complex world that we found ourselves in today, the aspiration we carry as Africans, summon us to further accelerate our unified position,” Prime Minister Abiy stated.

In a bid to see the Africa we want, we must continue unearthing the potential of our people and enable them to transform our continent, he elaborated.

He also said that we must mobilize the productive capacity of investment in agriculture, industry and technology.

Fighting corruption, creating a conducive environment for local and international investments and improving the service delivery potential of our bureaucracies are all necessary steps, he noted.

Africa also needs to feed itself, he said, adding Ethiopia is a clear evidence of this commitment.

The self-sustenance that has been seen in our agricultural sector productivity, has expanded in farmlands and outputs, he said.

The natural and man-made disasters and challenges that we have been confronted with for the past couple of years has not been deterring us from progress, he said.

Prime Minister Abiy stressed: ‘Driven by the spirits of African resilience, we are committed to reshape the narrative about Ethiopia and through it that of Africa.’

The premier further indicated that for a long time, we as Africans accept the narrative about ourselves that has not been crafted by us.

Therefore, Africa should materialize AU’s continental media house, he said.

In a bid to change the narrative, adequate representation and permanent seat at the UN Security Council and proportionate representation at the G7 and G20 is necessary, the premier noted.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Chinese FM Pledges to Support Ethiopia’s Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Qin Gang

China firmly supports the peace process in Ethiopia and is willing to deepen cooperation between the two countries in various fields to support Ethiopia’s post-conflict reconstruction as well as development and revitalization, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang said on Thursday.

According to CGTN, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang made the remarks during a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia Demeke Mekonnen, who is on an official visit to China from May 24 to 28.

Since diplomatic relations were established more than half a century ago, the two countries have always supported and helped each other, becoming a model of unity, cooperation, and win-win development for developing countries, Qin noted.

Implementing the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, China is willing to work with Ethiopia to continue supporting each other on issues concerning each other’s core interests and major concerns, he said.

The Chinese foreign minister vowed to strengthen collaboration with the Ethiopian side to promote the implementation of the Outlook on Peace and Development in the Horn of Africa.

China has provided and delivered two batches of emergency food aid to countries in the Horn of Africa region and is considering providing a new batch of emergency food aid to help countries alleviate their urgent needs, he said.

Qin expressed his gratitude to the government of Ethiopia for its strong support and assistance in evacuating Chinese nationals from Sudan.

Demeke on his part said that Ethiopia and China have a long-standing and profound friendship, and the cooperation between the two countries has brought tangible benefits to the peoples and created a model of South-South cooperation.

“We are willing to consolidate the traditional friendship between the two countries, continue to firmly support each other in safeguarding core interests, plan for future cooperation, and continue to inject new momentum into the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries,” he said.

Ethiopia attaches great importance to improving the domestic security situation and will continue to do its utmost to ensure the safety of Chinese institutions and personnel in Ethiopia, he said.

Ethiopia appreciates that China always advocates and safeguards peace and is willing to strengthen the coordination of international and regional affairs between the two sides to jointly safeguard the basic norms of international relations, he added.

The two sides also exchanged views on China-Africa cooperation.

Qin said that China has always regarded Africa as a diplomatic priority, adding that China and Africa should continue to work together to strengthen solidarity and friendship and seek common development.

Demeke said that China is a good friend of Africa. Chinese modernization and development achievements are of great inspirational significance and will inspire and motivate African countries to accelerate their independent development, he added.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Bafoussam: Missing lady found dead in a Well

A 24-year-old lady, Diane who went missing in Bafoussam 1 recently was found dead in a Well, CNA learned. Her decomposing corpse was removed by rescue soldiers alerted on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

It was the pungent smell that led to the discovery.

“I saw a woman and her son looking in the Well as if they lost something. When I asked, they said a pungent smell was emanating from it. That is how we went knocking at the owner’s door at about 10:00 pm Tuesday to inform her there was a corpse on her Well,” a local said.

“We have been searching for her to no avail. I was at home on Tuesday, May 23 with a disturbing feeling, when news reached me that my sister’s corpse has been found in a Well near GBHS “Ndiadam”. Explained Diane’s elder sister.

It is not clear if it was an accident, a suicide or a murder case.

A local reported Diane had a squabble with her husband over infidelity which ended up at a Gendarmerie brigade as the deceased was now living with another man.

“I told Diane’s mother to intervene and tell her daughter to return to her husband’s house but she refused. Now see where that has landed her. I am shocked. I never expected the flight over Diane will result in this. If someone is to be blamed for her death, it is the mother.” Explained the local.

An investigation has been opened to know exactly what killed Diane.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

Maroua: Four elephants straying in town, how it happened

The population of Maga, a locality in the Far North region of Cameroon, have had an experience that many, especially the affected persons, may never forget.

The appearance of four elephants in town on Wednesday, May 24, startled residents, leaving many in panic. A woman lost her life following the invasion, with several others losing property in damages.

Reports from the Far North indicate that the elephants drifted from the path they were following and went toward the inhabited area.

“The group of four elephants were in their natural migration towards the Waza National Park,” the Ministry of Forestry said. The statement added that the officials concerned had engaged in an operation to guide the elephants to the park.

“This operation unfortunately aroused the curiosity of the population, who unconscious about the dangers, obstructed the corridor” the forestry officials indicated.

Efforts were intensified, the personnel noted, adding that “with the assistance of defence and security forces, the elephants were guided back to the corridor leading to the Waza National Park”.

No other incident was recorded apart from the death of the woman, whose name CNA got as Bintou.

Source: Cameroon News Agency