March 31, 2023

President Barrow Kick Starts 2021 Meet The People Tour

President Adama Barrow kicked off the 2021 Meet the People Tour in the North Bank Region with a brief stop to check on the ongoing construction of the Nuimi Hakalang Road.

The President was briefed on the progress of the road construction by officials of the National Roads Authority. President Barrow thanked the officials for the progress they have made and asked them to speed up and finish the project on time.

President Barrow proceeded to Munyagen for regional rally comprising Upper Nuimi, Lower Nuimi and Jokadu districts. Several speakers at the rally thanked President Barrow for the program and services his government have delivered to the people in their various districts.

Aji Gass Lowe thanked President Barrow for the timely delivery and affordable cost of fertilizer to farmers in the region. She asked that the ministry work towards establishing a fair price for groundnuts. Another speaker, Bala Manneh, said unlike previous years, this year’s fertilizer was of good quality. He said as a result, farmers in the region are expecting a good harvest. He also lamented the difficulties of people especially pregnant women have accessing healthcare services. He asked the President to help them with Ambulances.

In response, President Barrow said part of the Community Ambulance Service he handed to the Ministry of Health will be assigned to the region. He thanked the people of Upper Nuimi, Lower Nuimi and Jokadu for their unity and support.


Source: Statehouse Gambia