South Korea warns North Korea against planned satellite launch

Seoul, South Korea has warned its neighbour North Korea, against a planned satellite launch.

If the launch does take place, North Korea will pay a price and face painful consequences, a statement from the Foreign Ministry in Seoul said on Monday.

The ministry accused the widely isolated neighbour of planning an illegal missile launch. It said the country must immediately withdraw the plan.

South Korea was reacting to information from the Japanese Coastguard, according to which it had been informed by North Korea of an imminent satellite launch. The launch is planned between May 31 and June 11.

Last month, North Korea's state media reported that the development of its first Earth observation satellite for military purposes had been completed, and it could be launched on the planned date.

Tokyo suspects this will be the launch of a long-range ballistic missile.

Space and long-range missiles are largely based on the same technology. North Korea is prohibited from testing ballistic missiles by UN resolutions. Depending on their design, such missiles can be equipped with one or more nuclear warheads.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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