New and enhanced products expand metal cutting capabilities and help customers machine better than ever

PITTSBURGH, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kennametal has expanded its Innovations series of Metal Cutting tools and solutions with new product offerings that provide customers with maximum efficiency and productivity for machining applications ranging from electric vehicles and aerospace to general engineering.

Kennametal introduces expanded Innovations series of metal cutting tools and solutions

Each product in the fall launch delivers enhanced features and superior performance that solve some of customers’ toughest machining challenges:

The KenTIP™ FS modular drill platform has expanded to include straight-flute drills for static applications on lathes and straight-flute drills for combined drilling and countersinking applications with holders. Additionally, the platform now includes the versatile KenTIP FS GTP insert with the GOdrill™ point design. The GOtip is the only insert in the KenTIP FS platform built for multi-material drilling and is ideal for customers looking for one tool to run in multiple workpieces when drilling medium and large hole diameters.

Solid carbide drills have been modernized in the high-performance Kenna Universal™ Drill platform. The upgraded drills include the B979 series with grade KCU15A for 12xD drilling which can be used without a pilot drill in multiple materials. Additionally, the platform has added the B73* series step drills with grade KCU15 for core-holes in traditional tap sizes.

When it comes to high-performance reaming in steel and cast iron, the new KenReam™ S delivers the highest metal removal rates in blind and through-hole applications for both steel and cast iron. The unique design provides excellent process reliability and consistent hole quality.

Designed for dynamic milling with low radial engagement and full length of the cut, the KOR™ series has expanded to include a 5xD length of cut in the KOR™ 5DA series for milling in aluminum.

The revolutionary Duo-Lock™ modular system for solid carbide end milling applications combines a high accuracy in runout and length repeatability with maximum stability, making it a precise and virtually unbreakable interface. The series integrates the productivity of the HARVI™ I TE end mill series with the modular capability of the Duo-Lock modular system.

An expanded portfolio of Modular Boring Bars with through coolant and serrated interfaces has been designed for higher connection strength and increased accuracy, and can bore overhangs up to 4xD.

For light to medium machining or roughing of steel and stainless steel, the Dodeka™ Mini 45 face milling platform has expanded to include four new geometries which provide ideal lead angles, excellent chip formation, and positive chatter-free insert geometries.

To learn more about these advanced tooling solutions, visit Kennametal Innovations.

About Kennametal

With over 80 years as an industrial technology leader, Kennametal Inc. delivers productivity to customers through materials science, tooling, and wear-resistant solutions. Customers across aerospace, earthworks, energy, general engineering, and transportation turn to Kennametal to help them manufacture with precision and efficiency. Every day approximately 8,600 employees are helping customers in more than 60 countries stay competitive. Kennametal generated approximately $1.8 billion in revenues in fiscal 2021. Learn more at Follow @Kennametal: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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Leading Electric Vehicle Market, GWM Presents Various NEVs in Thailand

BAODING, China, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GWM, as the “Global Intelligent Technology Company”, brings a fleet of cutting-edge electric vehicles to the 39th Thailand International Motor Expo 2022.

Leading Electric Vehicle Market, GWM Presents Various NEVs in Thailand

The company is showing a sleeker ORA Grand Cat, New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV, the off-road TANK500 HEV, and some other Thailand’s popular models.

The first showcase of the ORA Grand Cat in Thailand

This is the first-ever showcase in Thailand of the ORA Grand Cat, the first premium pure electric coupe from the ORA brand. Its exterior design stands out with luxury and modernity, featuring a glass roof, active air inlet grille, electric rear spoiler and exhaust synthetic noise for sporty driving experiences.

The ORA Grand Cat also comes with ORA Autopilot 3.0 intelligent navigation system to offer a smarter driving experience. The interior features a 12.3-inch multimedia touch screen, 10.25-inch driving information display, 11 infinity speakers with independent amplifier, and electric driver and passenger seats with massage and cooling systems, providing the ultimate comfort and pleasure.

Experience the next stylish level of the New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV

GWM is reinforcing the legendary achievement of the HAVAL H6, which has seized leadership of the local compact SUV segment for ten consecutive months (January-October 2022), introducing an enhanced version with a more stylish design as well as next-level comfort and convenience.

The New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV is outstanding, with a star matrix front grille and packs with first-in-class cutting-edge technologies. The vehicle is built on the intelligent modular GWM L.E.M.O.N Platform, which is adaptable to various types of engines. It is powered by a 1.5-liter turbo engine combined with an electric motor and a multi-mode DHT electric hybrid system.

TANK500 HEV brings versatility and the pleasure of “life without limits”

Brandishing its combination of elegance and strength for four-wheel driving, the TANK500 HEV brings versatility and the pleasure of “life without limits”. The model is equipped with a hybrid power combination of 2.0T+9HAT (2.0 Liter Turbo+9-speed Hydraulic Automatic Transmission).

The model is powered by the latest intelligent four-wheel drive and the intelligent driving assistance systems such as TANK Turn that can easily turn a corner in narrow places. Front and rear electric control differential locks that help transfer wheels force to avoid wheel slippage, together with various off-road driving modes that are automatically adjusted as the driving surface changes.

Elliot Zhang, President of GWM ASEAN, said: “Since our official launch in Thailand last February, GWM, as the xEV leader, has adhered to our strategy of differentiation to create quality products and services, new experiences, and cutting-edge technology to Thai consumers.”

Currently, GWM is accelerating its new energy transformation and will introduce more new energy models to more markets, bringing clean and smart  mobility experiences to users.

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تظهر Yeloworld في CIIE لمشاركة طريق التنمية الاقتصادية الخضراء

شنغهاي، 30 نوفمبر 2022 / PRNewswire / — في 10 نوفمبر 2022، توصل معرض الصين الدولي الخامس للواردات (“ CIIE “) إلى خاتمة ناجحة. هذا هو العرض الأول من Yeloworld في CIIE ، وهو أيضًا أول ظهور عام لتغليف Yelolife المتجدد، العلامة التجارية الفرعية لـ Yeloworld . تقود Yeloworld مفهوم “صفر كربون تؤدي إلى حياة جديدة”، وتستكشف بنشاط طريقة التنمية الاقتصادية الخضراء، وتسعى لتحقيق التنمية المستدامة للاقتصاد والإيكولوجيا الطبيعية.

إعطاء النفايات البلاستيكية حياة جديدة عن طريق التجديد

تم عرض التغليف المتجدد من Yelolife في CIIE ، والذي لا ينقل مفهوم حماية البيئة وتقليل الكربون والاستدامة إلى السوق فحسب، بل يوفر أيضًا أفكارًا جديدة للتغليف الأخضر في السلسلة الصناعية. يوفر تغليف Yelolife المتجددة تخصيص الحجم، وكما تم اختباره، لها نفس أداء العبوة البلاستيكية الأصلية من حيث السعة ومعامل مقاومة الانزلاق والصلابة.

تقدم Yelolife حلولًا متجددة طوال دورة حياة التغليف البلاستيكي. بالاعتماد على منصة إعادة التدوير المطورة ذاتيًا، تجري Yelolife إدارة بيانات التتبع على عملية إعادة تدوير وتجديد النفايات البلاستيكية. جميع العبوات المتجددة مجهزة برقائق RFID ، ويتم تطبيق معرف فريد لإدارة التتبع، والتي يمكن للمستخدمين من خلالها البحث عن تفاصيل المواد الخام والمصادر. وفي الوقت نفسه، وضعت Yelolife معايير لتصنيف وإعادة تدوير ومعالجة وإدارة التغليف البلاستيكي، من أجل تحقيق تجديد البلاستيك، وتشكيل نظام بيئي جديد للتغليف يغطي عمليات المواد والإنتاج وإعادة التدوير، وإنشاء دورة مغلقة من الاقتصاد الدائري البلاستيكي.

تعزيز التنمية الخضراء منخفضة الكربون للسلسلة الصناعية عبر التغليف المعاد تدويره

ويستجيب أسلوب التغليف المعاد تدويره لطلب المؤسسات على التنمية المنخفضة الكربون وحماية البيئة. في هذا الوضع، توفر Yeloworld للشركات خدمات تدوير التغليف وإعادة التدوير والصيانة والتنظيف والتوزيع. تقوم منصة إدارة Yeloflex بإنشاء حسابات خاصة للشركات في المراحل التمهيدية والنهائية، وتقدم خدمات مهنية ودعمًا تقنيًا منهجيًا. يمكن لجميع الشركات بدء تأجير التغليف وإعادة التدوير من خلال منصة إدارة Yeloflex وتحقيق التعاون في مجال البيانات عبر الإنترنت، وبالتالي، يمكن أن تحفز إمكانات النقل المنصة للسلسلة الصناعية بأكملها إلى أقصى حد، وتحسين كفاءة التشغيل بشكل كبير، وتعزيز التنمية الخضراء.

وباعتبارها شركة رائدة في مجال خدمات إنترنت الأشياء الصناعية، أصبحت Yeloworld الآن شركة شاملة لإعادة تدوير التغليف والخدمات اللوجستية والمستودعات وإعادة تدوير النفايات البلاستيكية وخدمات سلسلة التوريد. تشمل علاماتها التجارية منصة إدارة Yeloflex و Yelopack و Yelotour و Yelospace و Yelolife . مع الاستثمار المستمر في البحث العلمي والابتكار، حلت يلو وورلد المشاكل العنيدة في صناعة التعبئة والتغليف.

وتدافع Yeloworld عن قيم إعادة التدوير والتجديد، وانخفاض الكربون وحماية البيئة في استراتيجيتها الإنمائية، والاضطلاع بالمسؤوليات والمهام الاجتماعية. وفي المستقبل، ستعمل Yeloworld مع شركاء متشابهين في التفكير من أجل مواصلة إثراء الإمداد الأخضر واستكشاف المزيد من القيمة التجارية، وتلبية الطلب على التغليف المنخفض الكربون، وتحقيق التنمية الشاملة والمتناسقة والمستدامة للموارد والبيئة والاقتصاد والمجتمع.

الصورة – 

‫إطلاق شركة “تحالف” بين الاتحاد السعودي للأمن السيبراني والبرمجة والدرونز وانفورما لدعم قطاع تنظيم الفعاليات في المملكة

·  أطلق الاتحاد السعودي للأمن السيبراني والبرمجة والدرونز وانفورما مشروع مشترك “تحالف”، علامة تجارية عالمية للفعاليات في المملكة العربية السعودية
·  سوف يخلق المشروع المشترك الجديد فرص وظائف للمواطنين السعوديين في الفعاليات والقطاعات المشاركة .·  تخلق الشراكة سلسلة كبيرة من الفعاليات لتخدم القطاعات الرئيسية في المملكة العربية السعودية، ومن ضمنها: التقنية، الذكاء الاصطناعي، الطعام، الصيدلة، الجمال، العقارات، والرعاية الصحية .

المملكة العربية السعودية، الرياض, 30 نوفمبر / تشرين ثاني 2022 /PRNewswire/ — تم الإعلان اليوم عن مشروع مشترك، وهي شركة “تحالف” بين الاتحاد السعودي للأمن السيبراني والبرمجة والدرونز وشركة إنفورما، لدعم رؤية المملكة العربية السعودية 2030 في التنوع الاقتصادي وإيجاد فعاليات عالمية وخلق فرص وظيفية للمواطنين السعوديين.

SAFCSP and Informa launch ‘Tahaluf’ joint venture

وتهتم الشركة الجديدة لتحفيز النمو في القطاعات الاقتصادية الرئيسية في المملكة لتشمل الآن مجال الفعاليات، وستستفيد “تحالف” من خبرات شركة إنفورما العالمية لإنشاء قطاع فعاليات عالمي المستوى في المملكة والذي سيعمل على زيادة التنويع الاقتصادي، وتوفير الوصول إلى فرص جديدة للشركات الدولية، وجذب الاستثمار الأجنبي ودعم النشاط التجاري في المملكة، ستدعم “تحالف” أيضًا إنشاء مسارات وظيفية جديدة للشباب في المملكة والموهوبين والمتمرسين رقميًا، ليس فقط في الفعاليات ولكن أيضًا في الفرص الإبداعية والرقمية الأوسع نطاقاً، من التقنية والعلامات التجارية إلى التسويق الرقمي وتطوير المنتجات الرقمية .

كما سيتم إنشاء أكاديمية “تحالف” والتي ستوفر سنويًا لمجموعة من المهنيين السعوديين الشباب فرصة لاكتساب تدريب عملي وخبرة في الفعاليات الدولية من خلال سلسلة من الفرص عبر أعمال انفورما العالمية، والاستفادة بشكل أكبر من برنامج الاعتماد المهني للفعالية المعترف بها في القطاع SAFCSP and Informa launch ‘Tahaluf’ joint venture.

يعتمد مشروع تحالف المشترك على التعاون الناجح بين الاتحاد السعودي للأمن السيبراني والبرمجة والدرونز وإنفورما، حيث أطلقوا سابقًا “ليب” المؤتمر التقني الحائز على جوائز في عام 2022 ، والذي تم تنظيمه بالشراكة مع وزارة الاتصالات وتقنية المعلومات، والعلامة التجارية السيبرانية ذات الشهرة العالمية “بلاك هات” بالتعاون مع الهيئة العامة للترفيه تحت مظلة موسم الرياض. ستقوم تحالف بترخيص العلامات التجارية الرائدة في السوق من انفورما لإطلاق مجموعة من الفعاليات الجديدة بين الشركات والتجارب والخدمات الرقمية في عام 2023 وما بعده، والتي تركز في البداية على القطاعات المهمة استراتيجيًا مثل التقنية والعقارات والأدوية والغذاء والصحة والجمال والسياحة والضيافة .

ستقوم شركة “تحالف” بجلب الفعاليات العالمية ومنها مؤتمر الذكاء الاصطناعي “DeepFest” من 6-9 فبراير 2023، ومهرجان الطعام والضيافة “Feast” من 24-26 أكتوبر 2023، ومهرجان التجميل في الشرق الأوسط “Cosmoprof” ، ومعرض العقارات العالمي “”Cityscape من 10-13 سبتمبر 2023، ومعرض للعلامة التجارية الرائدة في الأدوية “CPHI” في الشرق الأوسط من 15-17 يناير 2024.Tahaluf Logo

قال فيصل الخميسي رئيس مجلس إدارة الاتحاد السعودي للأمن السيبراني والبرمجة والدرونز: استضافت المملكة العربية السعودية مجموعة واسعة من الأحداث العالمية في السنوات الأخيرة، والآن من خلال شركة تحالف يستثمر الاتحاد السعودي للأمن السيبراني في زيادة الأحداث والفعاليات السعودية والقطاعات الإبداعية والرقمية ذات الصلة، سيكون تحالف مساهمة كبيرة في مهمة الاتحاد السعودي للأمن السيبراني والبرمجة والدرونز المتمثلة في دعم تنمية المهارات وخلق فرص عمل للشباب السعودي في القطاعات الديناميكية والمهنية، وسوف يساهم أيضًا في التنويع والنمو للقطاعات الرئيسية في المملكة العربية السعودية “.

أضاف الخميسي أيضًا: “لقد لعبت انفورما دورًا رائدًا في مجال الفعاليات والأحداث على المستوى الدولي، بما في ذلك التجارب الرقمية الرائدة حسب الطلب والقائمة على البيانات وقيادة مبادرات الاستدامة في جميع أنحاء القطاع، لقد ساعدت هذه الخبرة في إطلاق الأحداث الناجحة معًا في الماضي وستكون لا تقدر بثمن في تقديم الخطط الطموحة التي تم الإعلان عنها اليوم .

اخترنا الكلمة العربية التي تعني “تحالف”، وذلك يعكس قوة الشراكة بين الاتحاد السعودي للأمن السيبراني والبرمجة والدرونز وانفورما، وخططنا للعمل معًا بشكل وثيق في هذه المرحلة التالية من تطوير الأحداث ذات المستوى العالمي للمملكة العربية السعودية .

وذكر نائب الرئيس الإقليمي في انفورما “مايك تشامبيون” ان هدف تحالف هو التركيز على قوة وقيمة الفعاليات العالمية لدعم النمو الاستراتيجي في القطاعات الرئيسية للمملكة العربية السعودية، يمكن للفعاليات والأحداث الكبرى أن تقدم حافزًا اقتصاديًا كبيرًا من خلال توفير الوصول إلى الفرص الكبيرة، ودفع الاستثمار الداخلي وتوليد التجارة الدولية، نتشرف بتوسيع شراكتنا مع الاتحاد السعودي للأمن السيبراني والبرمجة والدرونز لإنشاء تحالف، ونهدف معًا إلى إنشاء أحداث مستدامة على مستوى عالمي في المملكة العربية السعودية والتي ستكون معرضًا دوليًا للقطاعات الرئيسية في الاقتصاد السعودي، فضلاً عن المساهمة في الأحداث المزدهرة في المملكة. إن مهمة هذا المشروع جلب الأحداث ذات المستوى العالمي إلى المملكة وأن نكون قوة إيجابية في جعل المملكة العربية السعودية مركزًا عالميًا للأحداث والفعاليات .  -صورة فوتوغرافية  – صورة فوتوغرافية – شعار


Adopting 5 Middle East Texts, General Assembly Calls for Credible Talks on Final Status Issues, Israel to Cease Actions Aimed at Altering Occupied Palestinian Territory

The General Assembly adopted five resolutions today, four by recorded vote, on the questions of Palestine and the Middle East, including a text that called on Israel to cease all actions contrary to international law that are aimed at altering the demographic composition, character and status of the Occupied Palestinian Territory.


Through the terms of the resolution titled “Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine”, the Assembly called for an immediate halt to all settlement activities, land confiscation and home demolitions, for the release of prisoners and for an end to arbitrary arrests and detentions.  It also stressed the need to urgently exert collective efforts to launch credible negotiations on all final status issues and for intensified efforts by the parties towards a just, lasting peace in the Middle East based on relevant United Nations resolutions, including Security Council resolution 2334 (2016), the Madrid terms of reference, the Arab Peace Initiative and the Quartet road map.


By the text titled “Division for Palestinian Rights of the Secretariat”,  the Assembly requested the Division to dedicate its activities in 2023 to the commemoration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Nakba, including by organizing a high-level event at the General Assembly Hall on 15 May 2023.


By a resolution titled “The Syrian Golan”, the Assembly declared that the Israeli decision of 14 December 1981 to impose its laws and jurisdiction on the occupied Syrian Golan is null and void and has no validity and called upon Israel to rescind it.


The Assembly also adopted drafts titled “Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People” and “Special information programme on the question of Palestine of the Department of Global Communications of the Secretariat”.  By the terms of the latter text, the Assembly condemned the killing of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh and welcomed the decision of the United Nations to honour her legacy by renaming a training programme to “Shireen Abu Akleh Training Programme for Palestinian Broadcasters and Journalists”.


As the floor opened for debate, the Permanent Observer for the State of Palestine said that Israeli exceptionalism has only emboldened Israel’s worst instincts.  Today the Assembly will finally acknowledge the historical injustice that befell the Palestinian people, adopting a resolution that decides to commemorate in the Assembly Hall the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Nakba.  There is no two-State solution without a sovereign and independent State of Palestine based on the pre‑1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.  Anybody serious about the two-State solution must help salvage the Palestinian State and recognize it now without further delay, he said, stressing that justice in Palestine would mean that the international law-based order has triumphed over impunity and double standards.


Israel’s delegate said that the resolutions’ sole purpose is to blame everything in the Middle East solely on Israel.  “This conflict, like any conflict, can be solved in one way, and one way only, with both sides sitting down at the negotiating table,” he continued.  Yet every time peace proposals are put forward, the Palestinians refuse to budge one inch from their position, which would entail the destruction of the Jewish State.  Palestinian leadership will not compromise on any demands if every United Nations resolution is supported.  It was 75 years ago that the Assembly voted on resolution 181, through which the international community voiced its support for a Jewish State, only for five Arab armies to respond by trying to destroy and annihilate Israel, he recalled.


Egypt’s delegate said that, considering current tensions, the situation could explode at any moment.  “A sense of duty should compel all of us” to recognize that there could be no other solution to the Palestinian cause aside from one that is focused on United Nations resolutions, a two-State solution and the Arab Peace Initiative, he added.


The representative of the United States voiced concern that 2022 has been the most violent year in the West Bank since 2004, with 150 Palestinians and 29 Israelis killed.  Though sustainable peace seems impossible, the international community must take steps to stabilize the situation.  But instead, “we are engaged in the annual UN ritual of rubber-stamping outdated and ineffective resolutions that purport to advance the cause for the Palestinian people but instead reveal a profound anti-Israel bias”, he said.


Several delegates throughout the debate expressed support for the humanitarian work conducted by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) and also stressed the need to close its funding gap.


Also speaking today were representatives of Senegal, India, Mexico, Kuwait, Qatar, Namibia, China, Malaysia, Maldives, Pakistan, Japan, Colombia, Morocco, Indonesia, South Africa, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Tunisia, Guyana, Oman, Norway, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bolivia, Cuba, Bahrain, Algeria, Jordan, Libya, Viet Nam, Iraq, Lebanon, Venezuela, Sovereign Order of Malta, Syria, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iran, Slovenia, Australia and Argentina, as well as the European Union.


The Assembly will reconvene at 10 a.m. on Thursday, 1 December, for a debate on sport for development and peace.


Opening Remarks


CSABA KŐRÖSI (Hungary), President of the General Assembly, said that there are nearly 6 million Palestine refugees registered under the mandate of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).  But UNRWA’s success is also a reminder that the international community has “come up short” on finding a more sustainable solution.  The only reasonable way forward is through direct dialogue, talks in good faith, respect for United Nations resolutions, and building on previous agreements.  “This conflict has placed a staggering burden on both parties for a century,” he said.  “For four generations it has caused immense suffering for Arabs and Jews, for Palestinians and Israelis.”


Countless innocent people on both sides have lost their lives to bullets and explosives, bombs and missiles, he continued, also adding: “We know from experience that nothing drives violence more than despair.”  Young people must have a reason for hope.  He urged Member States to pave the way for restoring the path towards a two-State solution and appealed to all sides to seek negotiated outcomes that are based on the United Nations Charter, international law and respect for human rights.  At stake is not only peace in the region, but also global confidence that the United Nations has what it takes to meet this challenge.  Further he urged Member States to address UNRWA’s funding gap of over $600 million.


Question of Palestine


CHEIKH NIANG (Senegal), Chair of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, introduced its annual report (document A/77/35), noting that it contains developments relating to the question of Palestine between 1 September 2021 and 31 August 2022.  The first two chapters provide a brief overview of the major political developments and Chapters III and IV outline the Committee’s mandate and its organization of work, he noted.  Chapter V features the Committee’s work and activities on the mobilization of the diplomatic community; awareness raising; cooperation with intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and United Nations entities; and capacity building.  Chapter VI reports on the activities of the special information programme of the Department of Global Communications whereas the final chapter contains the Committee’s conclusions and recommendations.


Highlighting some of these, he said the Committee laments the lack of accountability for illegal Israeli actions; calls on leaders to reject violence, speak up against those who try to inflame the situation and refrain from actions that fuel tensions; urges Israel to conduct prompt, independent, and impartial investigations into all incidents, including the killing of the Palestinian Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh; and calls on that country to uphold its obligations under law and respect the status quo at the holy sites in Jerusalem.  The Committee also urges the Secretary-General to continue to leverage his good offices, the Security Council to secure the implementation of its resolutions including sanctions and international organizations to take a more politically active role in stopping the annexation and mediating an end to the conflict.  As there must be an international protection mechanism for Palestinian civilians, the United Nations and international community must remain focused on the question of Palestine.


Israel’s blockade of Gaza must be lifted, he continued before condemning that country’s designation of six non-governmental organizations as terrorist organizations.  For their part, relevant States must reconsider their decisions to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and withdraw embassies from the city.  Member States must support UNRWA financially, provide support for the State of Palestine Government’s fiscal stability and institutions and ensure efforts to stabilize conditions on the ground are linked to a credible political framework.


He then introduced four draft resolutions: “Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People” (document A/77/L.23), “Division for Palestinian Rights of the Secretariat” (document A/77/L.24), “Special information programme on the question of Palestine of the Department of Global Communications of the Secretariat” (document A/77/L.25) and “Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine” (document A/77/L.26).  He said that the texts concerning the Committee, the Division and the Special Information Programme will be tabled only as needed in the future since specific timeframes have been removed from the text.


“L.23”, he said, requests the Committee to mobilize international solidarity and support for the Palestinian people as well as for restoring a political horizon and advancing a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.  It also invites all governments and organizations to extend their cooperation to the Committee.  “L.24” renews the mandate for the Division and requests it to dedicate its activities in 2023 to the commemoration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of Nakba.  “L.25” renews the mandate of the Special Information Programme, condemns the killing of Ms. Akleh and calls for accountability.  “L.26” reaffirms and updates the consensus positions of the international community while reiterating the fundamental principles which should govern the peaceful settlement of the conflict.  All Member States should vote in favour, he encouraged.


RIYAD H. MANSOUR, State of Palestine, said today the General Assembly will finally acknowledge the historical injustice that befell the Palestinian people, adopting a resolution that decides to commemorate in the Assembly Hall the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Nakba.  The people of Palestine deserve recognition of their plight, justice for the victims, reparation for their loss, and fulfilment of their rights.  2022 has been the deadliest year for Palestinians in the West Bank since the Second Intifada, he said, stressing: “There is nowhere safe in Palestine, nowhere.  There is no one safe in Palestine, no one.”  The right to security belongs to the people under occupation, not to those occupying them.


He called once again on the international community to provide the Palestinian people with the protection they are entitled to.  Every country hopes to see the occupation end and peace prevail, but existing policies have effectively shielded and emboldened Israel to such a point that the world is witnessing the formation of the most colonial, racist and extremist Government in that country’s history, he said.  Some countries keep denouncing what they refer to as “singling out Israel”, but what truly singles out Israel is not the amount of criticism legitimately directed against its crimes and violations, but the level of impunity it enjoys despite these condemnations.  Israeli exceptionalism has only emboldened Israel’s worst instincts.  That is not defending Israel; it is shielding its illegal occupation and annexation of Palestinian land.


This is the end of the road for the two-State solution, he stressed.  Either the international community summons the will to act decisively, or it will let peace die passively.  There is no two-State solution without a sovereign and independent State of Palestine on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.  Anybody serious about the two-State solution must help salvage the Palestinian State and recognize it now without further delay, supporting its sovereignty, warning that the alternative is a regime that has combined the evils of colonialism and Apartheid.  To this day, the Palestinian people have borne the brunt of the human and economic cost of the occupation, he said, noting that the economic cost in the West Bank alone has totalled $58 billion since 2000, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).


The only way to end the Israeli occupation is by ending impunity, he said.  Justice in Palestine would mean that the international law-based order has triumphed over impunity and double standards, and that freedom, peaceful settlement and coexistence have triumphed over oppression and discrimination.  No one should obstruct international courts, including the International Court of Justice, from delivering justice instead of stopping the criminals from committing their crimes, he stressed.  The problem is not resorting to the Courts seeking guidance and justice; it is obstructing them and allowing continued injustice.  The international community told Israel it had to choose between settlements and a peaceful settlement, as the two are incompatible.  Israel made a choice a long time ago and has persisted in that choice.  The only question that remains is what the world will do to ensure Israel reverses that decision and adopts the right one, he said.


RUCHIRA KAMBOJ (India) emphasized that only a negotiated two-State solution, leading to the establishment of a sovereign, independent and viable State of Palestine and considering Israel’s legitimate security concerns, can deliver lasting peace.  She reiterated the need for an early resumption of direct peace negotiations between the parties on all final status issues.  The absence of such negotiations and the lack of a clear political horizon for the peaceful resolution of the conflict has consequences for both Israel and Palestine.  It risks the recurrence of a cycle of violence, which will only increase the number of civilian casualties on both sides.  All parties must also protect civilians, especially women and children.  She urged the parties to cease violence and avoid unilateral actions on the ground, which undercut the viability of the two-State solution. This will also help bridge the trust deficit between the parties, she stressed.


GÓMEZ ROBLEDO VERDUZCO (Mexico), stressing the importance of a two-State Solution, said it addresses Israel’s security concerns and will help consolidate an economically and politically viable Palestinian State.  While the two parties are responsible for relaunching the peace process, it is the responsibility of the international community to foster that process in order to guarantee a just and sustainable peace in the region, he said, commending multilateral initiatives underway towards this.  Calling on the Palestinian National Authority to hold elections in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, he expressed support for the request of a new advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice.  Condemning the attacks from Gaza against Israel as well as the recurrent use of lethal munitions against civilians, he highlighted his country’s contribution to UNRWA, and added that the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Arab countries shows that there are opportunities for mutual understanding.


OSAMA MAHMOUD ABDELKHALEK MAHMOUD (Egypt) said that the Palestinian cause is currently confronted with many challenges as he also warned against Israeli violations, including attacks against civilians, destruction of Palestinian houses and infrastructure, and the ongoing siege of Gaza.  “A sense of duty should compel all of us” to recognize that there could be no other solution to the Palestinian cause aside from one that is focused on United Nations resolutions, a two-State solution and the Arab Peace Initiative, he said.  Considering current tensions, the situation could explode at any moment, he also warned, reiterating the need to have a political solution on the horizon.  That would, however, require the cessation of hostilities and a major improvement of the situation on the ground.  He further urged Member States to continue to support UNRWA.  The only solution that paves the way to peace and security requires the recognition of legitimate Palestinian rights, he stressed.


TAREQ M. A. M. ALBANAI(Kuwait) said the disease of occupation has fought; killed; displaced; divided; destroyed families, homes and the environment; and refused to respect international resolutions.  “It is high time we treat this disease with the right medication,” he said while asking the Assembly: “Why is Israel, the occupying power, allowed to systematically perpetuate criminal violations without any accountability as if it is above the law?  Until when will we remain silent as the Palestinian people are deprived of their legitimate rights as if they are an exception to the rules of international law?”  The continued inability of the international community to hold Israel account is the worst failure of the Organization and in particular the Council; it is the biggest disgrace for humanity, he underscored.  The international community must urgently provide protection to the Palestinian people; the Council must shoulder its responsibility; and countries must recognize the State of Palestine as a country, he urged.  Turning to UNRWA, he commended it as a main success of the Organization and called on the international community to continue to provide its support.


ALYA AHMED SAIF AL-THANI (Qatar) reiterated her commitment to solidarity with the Palestinian people and their just struggle to regain their rights and holy shrines and enjoy the support of all principles of humanity.  This includes the right to self-determination and the establishment of a sustainable, viable, independent Palestinian State based on the pre-1967 borders.  Implementation of resolutions calling for the end of Israel’s occupation of all occupied territories is the only path to achieve a sustainable peace and settlement to the Palestinian question.  She supported the Committee’s efforts to conduct investigations in a transparent way into the killing of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh of Al-Jazeera.  This crime is a blatant violation of international law and a grave encroachment on the freedom of the press.  The Qatari Government has upheld its responsibility to help the Palestinian people.  It has provided electrical supplies, given financial aid to families and created opportunities for employment and education; renovated housing and infrastructure; and supported agriculture and health services.  The signing of the Declaration of Algiers by Palestinian factions is a positive step towards Palestinian unity and an independent Palestinian State.  She stressed the importance of implementing Assembly resolutions on the question of Palestine.


NEVILLE MELVIN GERTZE (Namibia) said that ten years since the State of Palestine was granted observer status to the United Nations, the two-State solution still has not made much progress.  Highlighting the persistent escalation of violence meted against the Palestinian people by Israel, he condemned the inhumane killing of Shireen Abu Akleh and the subsequent desecration of her funeral parade.  It is befitting to honour her legacy by renaming the Organization’s training programme for Palestinian broadcasters and journalists as the Shireen Abu Akleh Training Programme, he added.  Noting that it has been 20 years since the Assembly last asked the International Court of Justice for an advisory opinion regarding the Palestine question, he expressed support for the decision to once again resort to seeking guidance from the international legal system on how best to seek recourse for the long-oppressed people of Palestine.


GENG SHUANG (China) highlighted the volatile situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, with increasing civilian casualties and infrastructure damage.  The peace and tranquillity of the holy sites in Jerusalem have been repeatedly shattered.  Stressing that piecemeal crisis management cannot replace a comprehensive solution, he called for effective diplomatic action, including from the Security Council.  “China is a sincere friend of the Palestinian people,” he said, adding that Israel and Palestine are inseparable neighbours with interdependent security needs.  Expressing concern about Israel’s settlement activities in violation of international law and the appropriation of Palestinian resources, he said the Council needs to take substantive steps to advance the two-State solution.  No one has the right to veto on issues that affect the future of the Palestinian people, he said, adding that as a permanent member of that body, his country will work to practise genuine multilateralism.


SYED MOHAMAD HASRIN AIDID (Malaysia) condemned Israel’s continual defiance of Security Council resolutions, deploring also that the world decides which human rights violations are worth addressing.  Detailing crimes such as forced evictions and annexation, he condemned Israeli systemic oppression as Apartheid.  He noted that 2022 was the bloodiest year in the occupied West Bank since 2005, expressing concern that violations will continue to intensify.  He called on Member States to denounce the illegal Israeli actions, adding:  “The endless cycle of impunity must end, and the perpetrators must face justice.”  Noting the Security Council’s responsibility to ensure implementation of relevant resolutions, including 904 (1994) and 2334 (2016), he called on the Assembly to request an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice on the acquisition of the Palestinian territory by force, as well as support for UNRWA’s work with refugees.  Reiterating Malaysia’s continued support for Palestinian self-determination, he stressed the need for full United Nations membership for the State of Palestine.  He then welcomed the 2022 Declaration of Algiers and the commitment by all Palestinian parties towards reconciliation and called for a two-State solution based on pre‑1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.


LAUZA ALI (Maldives) stressed that the Palestinian people must not be left behind.  The international community must do more to end the unlawful and illegal blockade of Gaza, end all illegal activities in Gaza, assist the Palestinian people and ensure their human rights are realized.  Despite decades of efforts by the international community, the Palestinian people have yet to see justice and have become stateless in their own lands.  She called on Member States to support the inalienable rights of Palestinians and recognize the State of Palestine as a full Member State of the Organization.  Turning to the tireless work, commitment and determination of UNRWA in providing humanitarian assistance to Palestine refugees in the Near East, she voiced her deep concern over funding difficulties and their lasting impact on refugees.  The international community must provide further funding for the Agency, she encouraged before reiterating her country’s support for the establishment of an independent and sovereign State of Palestine based on pre‑1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.


MOHAMMAD AAMIR KHAN (Pakistan) said that Israel’s unilateral actions, including illegal settlements, demolitions and evictions, are grave violations of international human rights law which are hampering hopes for peace.  “The international community is obliged morally and legally to bring this deplorable situation to an end,” he said, adding that political and financial support for UNRWA is just one way to show solidarity with the Palestinian people.  He expressed support for a peaceful solution through negotiations leading to the realization of the Palestinians’ right to self-determination and called for the establishment of a contiguous Palestinian state along the pre‑1967 borders and with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.


ISHIKANE KIMIHIRO(Japan) said that a truly peaceful resolution can be achieved not through violence, but through dialogue based on mutual trust.  Expansion of Israeli settlement activities in the West Bank, including in East Jerusalem, is a violation of international law and United Nations resolutions.  Japan calls on Israel to immediately halt settlement activities, which undermine the viability of a two-State solution.  The holding of legislative and presidential elections in Palestine is also a crucial step towards Palestinian unity, he added.  Noting Japan’s support for UNRWA over the years, he commended the Agency for helping to alleviate humanitarian needs in the Gaza Strip.  The voices of the Palestinian people must not be lost, he said, adding that as an incoming member of the Security Council, Japan will remain committed to actively engaging with the international community to achieve peace in the Middle East.


SONIA MARINA PEREIRA PORTILLA (Colombia) reaffirmed her country’s support for achieving a peaceful, definitive and comprehensive settlement based on a two-State solution in accordance with the relevant Assembly and Council resolutions.  Confidence-building measures are necessary, she underscored, as is advocacy for the full respect for the rights of all people.  Encouraging parties to redouble their efforts to prevent future hostilities in the Middle East, she called for a definitive solution to the causes of the conflict.  Colombia supports the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and to an independent and sustainable State which is recognized by all other States, she said before reiterating her country’s support for Israel to live in peace within secure and internationally recognized borders.


OMAR HILALE (Morocco), calling for just solutions to ensure the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, including the right to establish a sovereign State, said that the absence of a political horizon has paved the way for extreme conflicts that spread hatred and violence.  He stressed the need to protect al-Quds al-Sharif as a cradle of civilization for all religions and as a symbol of respect and mutual trust.  Violating that city and the Al-Aqsa Mosque will jeopardize opportunities for Middle East peace and security.  The King of Morocco is personally working on a mechanism to establish health, educational, residential and social programmes for Jerusalem, which is highly appreciated by Palestinians.  He also called upon the Palestinians to build strong institutions, under the leadership of the President of Palestine, to achieve the aspirations of the Palestinian people to freedom and independence.


GILAD MENASHE ERDAN (Israel) said the Assembly will soon be voting on several resolutions whose sole purpose is to blame everything in the Middle East solely on Israel while absolving the Palestinians of their responsibility for their situation.  Year after year, all such distorted resolutions pass, ensuring that the conflict never ends.  This does not help the Palestinian people, but rather turns the United Nations and Member States into accomplices in a Palestinian jihad war that destroys any chances for reconciliation.  “This conflict, like any conflict, can be solved in one way, and one way only, with both sides sitting down at the negotiating table and – surprise, surprise – both sides making mutual concessions.”  Yet every time peace proposals are put forward, the Palestinians reject them, refusing to negotiate or to budge one inch from their position, which would entail the destruction of the Jewish State.  Due to the automatic support of the United Nations, they are allowed to continue along this destructive path, he said.


The Palestinian leadership will not compromise on any demands if every United Nations resolution is supported, he said, adding that the time to stop the madness is today.  Within these resolutions, the Palestinians have planted a clause showing their twisted vision of truth to all, namely, a request to mark the seventy-fifth anniversary of the establishment of Israel with a high-level event in the Assembly chamber.  It was 75 years ago that the Assembly voted on resolution 181, through which the international community voiced its support for a Jewish State, only for five Arab armies to respond by trying to destroy and annihilate Israel, he recalled.  He urged delegations to stop supporting the Palestinians’ libels and to stop voting in favour of these dangerous fabrications.


ARRMANATHA CHRISTIAWAN NASIR (Indonesia) said that in the absence of a political solution, States must continue to support the Palestinian people and provide UNRWA with sustainable and predicable funding.  Further, the international community must end the sense of impunity and hold the occupying Power accountable.  Increasing violence, human rights violations and segregation towards the Palestinian people amounts to an apartheid policy that must be put to an end.  Calling for a complete lifting of the Israeli blockade of Gaza, he added that a request for the International Court of Justice to render an advisory opinion towards the legal consequences of the ongoing occupation must be supported.  He went on to urge a paradigm shift to revive the peace process, including credible multilateral negotiations based on the two-State solution, as well safeguarding the status quo of the holy sites.


MATHU JOYINI (South Africa) said that it is plain to see where the root of the conflict stems from.  “The continuation of the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements, expulsions, demolitions and destroying of Palestinian properties throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory is a brazen and illegal tactic by Israel to alter the demographic balance, character, and status of East Jerusalem in favour of a Jewish majority.”  Israel’s imposition of an apartheid system through policies which deprive the Palestinians debilitates any prospects for an independent Palestinian State.  South Africa supports the request for the International Court of Justice to urgently render an advisory opinion, she said, stressing the need for revitalized international action amid mounting violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, especially in East Jerusalem.


ANOUPARB VONGNORKEO (Lao People’s Democratic Republic), reiterating his country’s support for an independent and sovereign State of Palestine, recalled that 70 years of meetings and countless resolutions have failed to ensure respect for the rights of the Palestinian people.  Expressing concern about ongoing violence, he also highlighted deteriorating conditions in Gaza as well as ongoing illegal settlement activity and destruction of property.  He called on all parties to avoid further escalation and to take steps toward peace and security, which are important for both the region and internationally.  He went on to commend UNRWA’s efforts, which is building a foundation of hope for the Palestinians.


ALI CHERIF (Tunisia) expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people, renewing his country’s principal position and support for the legitimate struggle to end occupation.  Reiterating that peace cannot prevail without the return of Palestinian rights, he stressed that the time has come for the Palestinian people to fully regain their rights.  He expressed his satisfaction with the success of the Reunification Conference to Achieve Palestinian National Unity, which took place in Algiers.  In light of the economic difficulties in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, he encouraged all regional and international parties to increase the level of humanitarian response.  He also praised CAROLYN RODRIGUES-BIRKET (Guyana) said it is deeply regretful that during the reporting period the realization of the two-State solution, notwithstanding the prevailing international consensus, failed to advance.  Guyana, like most countries, strongly believes the only viable way forward to resolve the question of Palestine is through constructive dialogue and a negotiated two-State solution, she said.  The stalled peace process and lack of new initiatives to advance the Palestinian people’s quest for self-determination is disappointing.  She underscored the immediate need to reverse the substantial economic and social costs of the imposed occupation against the Palestinian people and called on the international community to increase, and collectively exert, all efforts to end it.  Her delegation reaffirms its recognition of Palestine as a free, independent and sovereign State, based on its pre‑1967 borders, and underscores the urgency of having an independent State of Palestine peacefully coexist alongside the State of Israel.  As a member of the Committee since 1975 and one of the first Caribbean countries to support the Committee’s mandate, her delegation pledged its unwavering commitment to implementing the recommendations in the Committee’s report.


HARIB ALSAID (Oman) said that the practices by the Israeli authorities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are illegal.  He called on the international community to compel the Israeli occupation forces to respect international law and remind them of their responsibility not to subject the Palestinian people to such practices.  He further called on the international community to respond positively to repeated calls to provide protection to Palestinian people living under the occupation, stressing that when the international community does not shoulder its responsibilities, Israel becomes more extreme in its abuse of the Palestinian people.  He called on Israel to immediately cease its colonization, which seeks to change the demographic nature of the Palestinian territories.  Such practices are baseless and violate international law.  Oman supports the Palestinian people’s human right to self-determination and the establishment of an independent State with East Jerusalem as the capital, he said.


ODD INGE KVALHEIM (Norway), describing the tense situation in the West Bank as a symptom of the lack of a political horizon and fundamental rights, stressed the negative impacts of a stalled peace process.  New and reinforced measures are needed to reduce tensions on the ground in the West Bank, stabilize the volatile ceasefire in Gaza and strengthen the Palestinian Authority.  He called on the incoming Israeli Government to reverse negative trends of increased settlement expansion, house demolitions, evictions and settler violence.  Moreover, Israel must engage with the Palestinian leadership and revise its policies and actions that weaken the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian economy.  For its part, Palestinian leadership must continue to implement planned reforms, and factions must redouble efforts to achieve political and administrative unity.  Countries that have improved their relationships with Israel must ensure that their new cooperation also involves and benefits the Palestinian people, he urged.  He then voiced his concern over UNRWA’s persistent lack of funding and the reduction in foreign assistance to Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority.


MUHAMMAD ABDUL MUHITH (Bangladesh) reaffirmed his delegation’s long-standing position and noted it has co-sponsored all four resolutions on this agenda item and looks forward to their successful adoption.  He also reaffirmed Bangladesh’s unwavering support for the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and the establishment of a Palestinian State based on a two-State solution along pre-1967 borders.  The international community is regrettably witnessing the continuing illegal occupation and aggressive activities against Palestinian people by the Israeli occupying forces.  Reported calls by the international community and numerous resolutions in the Assembly and Security Council are being ignored and violations of international humanitarian and human rights law continue, he said, noting that this makes the situation perilous.  There is no just solution.  He appreciated the Committee’s work and its progress in 2022, such as mobilizing the diplomatic community, working with the United Nations system and building the State of Palestine’s capacity.  He commended the work of the Department of Global Communications and its special information programme on the question of Palestine.  He supported the Committee’s efforts to conduct impartial investigations into all incidents regarding excessive use of force and loss of life, including the killing of Palestinian Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.  Israel must respect the status quo at the holy sites, he stressed.


MOHAMMED ABDULAZIZ H. ALATEEK (Saudi Arabia), calling on the international community to summon the political will to put an end of the suffering of the Palestinian people, said that the Arab Peace Initiative provides a roadmap for achieving the two-State solution.  Israel must respect the Organization’s resolutions and put an end to the occupation of Palestinian territories and the Syrian Golan.  The continued construction of settlements is a clear violation of international laws, he said, condemning all plans to confiscate Palestinian lands and erase the religious identity of Haram al-Sharif and al-Quds al-Sharif.  The colonialist expansion by Israeli authorities will destroy any chance at peaceful coexistence, he cautioned, calling for the resumption of negotiations, and reaffirming his country’s historic support for the Palestinian people, in its foreign policy and as a top donor country to UNRWA.


ANDREW WEINSTEIN (United States) emphasized that his country is deeply committed to a two-State solution and that it is focused on supporting the parties on the ground as well as working with the Palestinian people to build confidence through constructive negotiations.  He voiced concern, however, that 2022 has been the most violent year in the West Bank since 2004, with 150 Palestinians and 29 Israelis killed.  Though sustainable peace seems impossible, the international community must take steps to stabilize the situation and end the conflict.  But instead, “we are engaged in the annual UN ritual of rubber-stamping outdated and ineffective resolutions that purport to advance the cause for the Palestinian people but instead reveal a profound anti-Israel bias”.  Resolutions are not a substitute for peace, he said, asking the Assembly to instead focus on supporting both parties and the broader shifts under way in the region.  He condemned open-ended mandates as irresponsible and offering false hope of a short cut to Palestinian statehood and reaffirmed his delegation’s resolve to oppose all one-sided resolutions that denigrate Israel.  He also called on the Assembly to work towards practical solutions to the conflict.


MOHAMED ISSA ABUSHAHAB (United Arab Emirates) expressed concern over the continuation of violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, particularly in the West Bank.  He highlighted the need to stop all illegitimate practices in the Territory, primarily the demolition and confiscation of Palestinian land and property, as well as the expansion of settlements.  Further, he stressed the need to preserve the legal and historical status quo in Jerusalem, and to respect Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s custodianship over the holy sites.  Reaffirming his Government’s support for the Palestinian people to alleviate their exacerbated humanitarian conditions, he recalled that last month, the United Arab Emirates signed a cooperation agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO) to support Al-Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem with $25 million for medicine, supplies, and medical equipment.  He also commended the efforts of UNRWA which plays a key role in alleviating the suffering of 5 million Palestinian refugees in the region.


DIEGO PARY RODRIGUEZ (Bolivia) said this year the international community has once again witnessed the loss of lives of innocent people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.  An exhaustive international independent investigation must take place into the death of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, and the authorities must be held to account for the constant violation of international humanitarian law and international human rights law.  Israel continues its settlement building, demolition of Palestinian homes, forced displacements of hundreds of civilians and blockade of Gaza.  The intensity of these human rights violations and Israel’s crimes must not go unpunished, he stressed.  He pointed to the economic cost of the occupation for the Palestinian people, including various forms of controls and restrictions limiting economic development.  The question of Palestine can be resolved through effective, transparent and good-faith dialogue, he stressed.  Bolivia supports the achievement of a broad, just and lasting solution on the basis of international law and the relevant resolutions of the United Nations according to a two-State solution.


ROSA AMELIA GUERRA TAMAYO (Cuba) said that the Security Council must take concrete steps to end the historic injustice vis-à-vis the Palestinians.  She called for an end to the blockade of the Gaza Strip and the occupation of the Syrian Golan.  In a message of solidarity with the Palestinian people on 29 November, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba underscored that abuses and violations against the Palestinian people cannot go unpunished.  The Minister also condemned the illegal construction and expansion of Israeli settlements, including the demolition and confiscation of the Palestinian property.  She went on to reiterate that Cuba would continue supporting the entry of Palestine as a full Member of the United Nations.


JAMAL FARES ALROWAIEI (Bahrain) said the international community must scale up efforts carried out to reach a solution to the question of Palestine that is just, peaceful, comprehensive and lasting for the Palestinian people.  He reiterated his country’s principled position regarding peaceful coexistence and its support for the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to independence and reparations for Palestinian refugees.  He further expressed support for a two-State solution within the 1967 borders, in line with relevant international resolutions.  Adding that Bahrain has been and remains one of the greatest supporters of the Palestinian people, he said it continues to provide humanitarian aid and support to UNRWA and the Palestinian economy – a just cause that is “essential within the Islamic and Arab world”.  He called on the international community to scale up efforts to advance the peace process towards the creation of an independent Palestinian State, with a strategic path to achieving lasting peace in the Middle East.


MOHAMED ENNADIR LARBAOUI (Algeria) said that the international community should redouble its efforts to provide more political and material support to the people of Palestine.  Expressing his full support for the State of Palestine becoming a fully-fledged Member of the United Nations, he urged a return to peaceful settlement procedures as well as a return to the political process.  He recalled Algeria’s efforts to unify Palestinian stakeholders by hosting a reconciliation dialogue between different Palestinian factions, which led to the Algiers Declaration.  All Arab States, as well as the League of Arab States, supported this process and created a High Committee to ensure the implementation of the Declaration, he noted.


MAHMOUD DAIFALLAH HMOUD (Jordan) supported the aspirations of the Palestinian people to their independent State, with East Jerusalem as its capital.  The Palestinian question is the key to peace and stability in the Middle East, he said, noting that Jordan will continue to draw the world’s attention to the cause of the Palestinian people.  Describing the current situation as incompatible with justice, dignity and human rights, he stressed that the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination is an inalienable right recognized by the international community for decades.  Jordan’s custodianship over Muslim and Christian holy sites is essential, he added, emphasizing that its Government will continue to fulfil that responsibility, defend the residents of Jerusalem and condemn any attempt to change the area’s historic status.


TAHER M. T. ELSONNI (Libya) said the international community is bored with the same statements and the people of the world have had enough of the double standards, especially in human rights and the application of international law.  The Palestinian question is a primary concern for Libya, he said, stressing that his country’s solidarity with the Palestinian people was not born today but is a continuous effort with all who stand together in support of the Palestinian people’s just cause.  He stressed the need for universal support for United Nations resolutions on the restoration of the rights of the Palestinian people and their right to an independent State.  Despite the numerous international resolutions on the Palestinian question, none have yet given justice to the Palestinian people, and their suffering continues.  Until when will this injustice continue? he asked, adding that it cannot end as long as the occupying Power continues its expansionist policies, imposing an unjust blockade and taking over land.  All States are obliged to support the Palestinian people along with their right to an independent State, he said urging action.


DANG HOANG GIANG (Viet Nam) voiced his concern over violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and the volatility of the overall situation.  Against this backdrop, Israel’s inflammatory rhetoric and plans for further settlements and evictions of Palestinians are all the more concerning.  Without an early solution, it is only a matter of time until the next cycle of violence returns, he said, adding that the Palestinian question must be addressed on the basis of international law and relevant United Nations resolutions.  Turing the vision of the two-State solution into reality requires an environment that is conducive to negotiations and paths to peace, he continued.  The international community must work towards a long-lasting solution and utilize all channels of diplomacy, be it the Arab Peace Initiative or the Quartet, he said.


YAARB AHMED NASER AL-TEMEMY (Iraq), calling on the international community to assume its full responsibility, rejected Israel’s racist laws and military choices to create a new status quo in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.  As the two-State solution is the only just and lasting solution, the international community must end the escalation of Israeli violence and achieve a genuine outlook for peace.  He then condemned the arbitrary practices that unarmed civilians are subjected to, which include arrest; aggressions; the targeting of women, children, hospitals, places of worship and infrastructure; and the banning of humanitarian aid, medical supplies and medical personnel.  Urging the Organization and the Council to implement all resolutions concerning the Palestinian people and their inalienable rights, he called on Israel to respect these resolutions and immediately cease its settlements.  He went on to reiterate his country’s support for Palestinians to build an independent State and for the State of Palestine to become a full Member State.


MOHAMMAD ALI JARDALI (Lebanon) said the Palestinian issue must be resolved on the basis of international law and relevant United Nations resolutions.  A settlement will open the way to a stable Middle East, he added.  Noting that 2022 has been the bloodiest year ever for the Palestinian people, and drawing attention to ongoing settlement activity, he said that under false pretences, Israel is forbidding Palestinians from building infrastructure.  The international community must end this situation and tackle violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws.  UNRWA is key to regional stability, he added, calling on States to provide the Agency with predictable financing through regular contributions.


JOAQUÍN ALBERTO PÉREZ AYESTARÁN (Venezuela), noting 75 years of heroic resistance by the Palestinian people, said that hundreds of thousands of homes have been destroyed and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been displaced in this time.  Israel’s actions undermine a two-State solution, change the demographics of the Occupied Palestinian Territory and violate international law as well as relevant Council resolutions.  The requested advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice will not only bring legal guidance to this situation but also help keep alive the political outlook that can bring an end to the occupation.  Pointing to the “reigning cycle of impunity”, he said that the international community, including permanent members of the Council, have a responsibility to hold Israel accountable.  As long as this historic injustice continues and the occupying force continues its “shoot to kill” policy, Palestinians will continue to suffer, he said.


PAUL BERESFORD-HILL, Permanent Observer for the Sovereign Order of Malta, noted that over 10,000 Palestinians have died as a consequence of the conflict since 2000.  While this is not matched by an equal number of Israeli fatalities, it nevertheless shows intense personal loss and suffering and poses the eternal question, “Why”.  Echoing Pope Francis, he stressed the need for dialogue and mutual trust.  He noted the Sovereign Order of Malta’s support for the State of Palestine, which includes employment and medical assistance to protect the most vulnerable.  Through its Holy Family Hospital Bethlehem, it delivers about 70 per cent of all Bethlehem infants and provides post-menopausal gynaecological services.  Outreach clinics provide medical and social care to mothers and women living in rural villages, scattered communities and refugee camps, he said, highlighting also the provision of eye care services across the West Bank and in Gaza.  The Sovereign Order of Malta’s efforts in alleviating pain will only be eased when the two-State solution is adopted unanimously, he said.


OSAMA MAHMOUD ABDELKHALEK MAHMOUD (Egypt) introduced the draft resolution titled “The Syrian Golan” (document A/77/L.27), saying that if the international community is serious about respect for the United Nations Charter and international law, as well as for the inadmissibility of the annexation of territory, then it must take a stand on the occupation of the Syrian Golan and reject any unilateral decisions to change its demographics.  The draft resolution maintains the same wording as last year’s text but with technical updates, he explained, adding that Israel’s occupation of the Syrian Golan and ongoing settlement activities there pose an obstacle to a just and comprehensive peace in the region.


Mr. ALHAKAM (Syria) underscored the impossibility of the United Nations restricting Israel and putting an end to its occupation of the Syrian Golan, which has only encouraged the occupying Power to continue its illegitimate aggression against Syria’s civil infrastructure.  Stressing that Israel’s continued defiance of international resolutions is a real obstacle to peace in the Middle East, he called on the Organization to take robust and immediate measures to implement the relevant Council and Assembly resolutions.  He further reiterated his attachment to the non-negotiable right to recover all the territory of the Syrian Golan to the 1969 border.  Expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people in liberating their territories and guaranteeing the right of return for Palestinian refugees, he also expressed support for the State of Palestine to become a full-fledged member of the United Nations.


(Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) emphasized that the Syrian Golan is an integral part of Syria whose recovery by means under international law is an eternal right which cannot be waived.  Despite the international community’s rejection of Israel’s occupation and its demands for withdrawal, that country has continued its illegal occupation and systematically commits heinous crimes aimed at changing the legal and democratic nature of the Syrian Golan.  It also besieges land and property, loots natural resources and wealth, and implements settler projects with the ultimate purpose of perpetuating and prolonging its occupation.  Israel’s protection by the United States and Western countries, he warned, will lead to its continued violations of international law and the Charter and thus endanger the security and stability of both Syria and the Middle East region.  Condemning Israel’s actions which violate Syria’s territorial integrity, he called on the international community to immediate end such actions.  He then called on Member States to show their support and solidarity to Syria in its just struggle by voting in favour of “L.27”.


Speaking before the vote, the representative of Iran said the draft resolutions illustrate strong support for the cause of Palestine.  It is miserable that no progress has been made to remove the occupying Power from Palestinian lands despite the international community’s repeated calls, he said, adding that this is the longest-standing crisis of all time and is the core issue facing the Middle East.  Palestinians have gone through this experience for more than seven decades, and they must continue their resistance.  He reiterated support for his delegation’s proposal in 2019 for a referendum in which all people, including Muslims, Christians and Jews, could choose their own political system and enjoy their rights.  His delegation will vote in favour of the draft resolutions submitted under agenda items 32 and 33.  Regarding the occupation of the Syrian Golan, he strongly condemned the illegal policies of Israel to impose its jurisdiction on the area, which is null and void, as stated by relevant Council resolutions.


Responding to the representative of Israel’s claim that Jewish people were expelled throughout the Middle East and North Africa by Iran, he noted that thousands of Iranian Jews now live in Iran and are involved in daily life, including holding seats in Parliament and participating in civil activities.


By a recorded vote of 101 in favour to 17 against with 53 abstentions, the Assembly adopted “L.23” on the “Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People”.


Next, the Assembly adopted “L.24” titled “Division for Palestinian Rights of the Secretariat” by a recorded vote of 90 in favour to 30 against with 47 abstentions.


The Assembly then adopted “L.25” entitled “Special information programme on the question of Palestine of the Department of Global Communications of the Secretariat” by a recorded vote of 149 in favour to 11 against with 13 abstentions.


The Assembly also adopted “L.26” concerning the “Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine” by a recorded vote of 153 in favour to 9 against (Canada, Hungary, Israel, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, United States), with 10 abstentions (Australia, Brazil, Cameroon, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uruguay).


Speaking in explanation of position after the vote, the representative of Slovenia said his delegation’s vote in favour of the resolution on “Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine” is a vote in favour of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.  Calling for collective efforts to help relaunch the renegotiation process, he reaffirmed the need to work towards a two-State solution with 1967 borders and with Jerusalem as capital of both countries.


The representative of Australia said she abstained from the vote since her country believes in a just and enduring two-State solution negotiated between parties.  As rocket attacks against Israel must cease, she called on the Palestinian leadership to refrain from incitement and provocation and foster an atmosphere of tolerance to bring violence to an end.  Equally, Israel must cease creating and expanding settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.  For negotiations to have any chance of success, conditions on the ground must remain stable.  All sides must respect human rights and international law and do everything possible to protect civilians.  References to the International Court of Justice advisory opinion on the security barrier, she continued, should reflect its non-binding character.  Stating that she does not support other resolutions, she explained that viewing any conflict from only one perspective does nothing to advance the cause of peace.  Such resolutions divert increasingly strained United Nations resources and contribute to the disproportionate focus Israel continues to receive in the multilateral system.


The representative of the European Union acknowledged the decision of the Palestinian mission to no longer table resolutions under the agenda item “Question of Palestine”, unless a substantive amendment is required.  With regard to all resolutions adopted during the Assembly’s seventy-seventh session, the bloc considers the term “Palestinian Government” as referring to the Palestinian Authority.  Moreover, the use of the term “Palestine” in the resolution cannot be construed as a recognition of a State of Palestine.


By a recorded vote of 92 in favour to 9 against (Australia, Canada, Israel, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, United Kingdom, United States) with 65 abstentions, the Assembly adopted “L.27” titled “The Syrian Golan”.


The representative of Argentina, in an explanation of position, said his delegation voted in favour of the text because its essential character is linked to the illegal nature of the seizure of territory by force, which is prohibited under the United Nations Charter.  However, its vote does not prejudge the content of operative paragraph 6.  Progress must be made to end the occupation of the Syrian Golan, he said, adding that the resumption of negotiations is essential in this regard, in the context of Security Council resolutions and the principle of land for peace.


The Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine said that the increased number of votes in favour of the resolution strongly illustrated the international community’s commitment for the cause of justice for the Palestinian people.  He also expressed appreciation that the Secretary-General has named the annual training programme for young Palestinian journalists after Shireen Abu Akleh.


Source: United Nation

Meet The People Tour- Government to Create 150,000 Jobs for the Youth- President Barrow

State House, Banjul President Adama Barrow made a major announcement at the end of the first leg of his ongoing Meet The People Tour, pledging that his administration will create employment for 150,000  young people in the country over the next five years.


The President disclosed that 50 settlements in Kiang and Jarra would have access to electricity at meetings in Japineh and Kwinella. President Barrow stated that he would lay the groundwork for a 99-kilometre road in Kabadaa early in 2023 to the loud cheers of the gathering.


The President referenced the massive road infrastructure in Sabach Sanjal, Jimbala, and the Hakalang Road when he said that developments during his first term would surpass those of the current period. He intimated that Jarra and Kiang would experience similar changes.


The Head of State reiterated his appeal for young people to refocus on agriculture and skill development, pointing to the continuous establishment of skill centres around the nation.


As part of the Women Enterprise Fund, President Barrow presented a D2.5M cheque to some women groups in Kiang and Jarra.


Source: Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology

UTG Faraba Campus is the Face of Higher Education – President Barrow

State House, Banjul Following a tour of the University of The Gambia Faraba Campus, President Adama Barrow expressed that the infrastructure is part of the government’s plans and strategies to create permanent structures for higher education in the country. “The project is a complete revolution and face of education in The Gambia”, he noted.


The President further stated that the structures would create a conducive environment for students and teachers, adding it would make a significant difference as far as the university is concerned.


While expressing his impression of the progress made, the President said the experience informed the appointment of the former Vice Chancellor as Higher education minister, saying, “when I came to power, the project was 1%, and there were a lot of technicalities. With the former Minister of Works, we were able to strategise, and I’m happy we have reached this far”.


President Barrow concluded that the funds had been secured for the next phase of the structures and is looking forward to the inauguration of the first phase.


He thanked the partners for their support despite the challenges and urged the media to give the project the visibility it deserves.


Source: Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology

‫استنتجت RLWC2021: تشهد CoinEx اللحظات الكبيرة كشريك حصري لمنصة تداول العملات المشفرة

هونغ كونغ، 30 نوفمبر 2022 PRNewswire/ — / وفقًا للأخبار الرسمية، اقترب كأس العالم لرابطة الرجبي 2021 ( RLWC2021 ) من الانتهاء بنجاح في 19 نوفمبر 2022. على مدى الشهر الماضي أو نحو ذلك، قدم هذا الحدث الذروة مشجعي الرجبي العالميين مع العديد من اللحظات الرائعة. وفي الوقت نفسه، شهدت CoinEx ، الشريك الحصري لمنصة تداول العملات المشفرة في RLWC2021 ، جميع اللحظات الكبيرة للرياضيين طوال البطولة.

CoinEx Applauds Every Willing Heart

فازت إنجلترا ببطولة كأس العالم للرجبي مع انتصار 28-24 على فرنسا في 18 نوفمبر 2022. في اليوم التالي، حصلت أستراليا على لقب كأس العالم في دوري الرجبي بعد فوز 30-10 على ساموا في نهائي الرجال. ومن الجدير بالذكر أن أستراليا فازت بكأس العالم في دوري الرجبي للرجال 11 مرة خلال آخر 12 مباراة.

وفي الوقت نفسه، في المباراة النهائية للنساء التي عقدت في نفس اليوم، حصلت أستراليا على لقب بطولة كأس العالم للرجبي من الدرجة الثالثة مع فوز ساحق من 54-4 على نيوزيلندا. سيطرت أستراليا على نهائيات كل من الرجال والنساء في بطولة RLWC2021 ، مما وضع نهاية مثالية لبطولة هذا العام.

قبل بدء RLWC2021 ، أعلنت CoinEx أنها ستصبح الشريك الحصري لمنصة تداول العملات المشفرة في الحدث العالمي لتوفير الرعاية، وتشجيع جميع الرياضيين، وشهادة مجدهم في مجال الرجبي.

بصفتها بورصة تشفير مشهورة عالميًا، اكتسبت CoinEx اعترافًا واسعًا بالمستخدم من خلال منتجات سهلة الاستخدام وأداء سريع ومستقر وتجارب تداول سلسة. عند وضع المستخدمين أولًا، تهدف CoinEx إلى تسهيل تداول العملات المشفرة وتقديم الخدمات بلغات متعددة كبوابة لجميع المستخدمين إلى عالم العملات المشفرة.

متوفر بـ 15 لغة، بما في ذلك الإنجليزية والإسبانية والفرنسية والبرتغالية، تقدم CoinEx الآن مجموعة منتجات متعددة الاستخدامات تغطي التداول النقدي والتداول الفوري وتداول العقود الآجلة والتداول بالهامش و AMM والخدمات المالية وسهولة الاستخدام، تستفيد خدمات تداول العملات المشفرة الآمنة والموثوقة أكثر من 3 ملايين مستخدم في أكثر من 200 دولة ومنطقة. بالإضافة إلى ذلك، تتميز البورصة أيضًا بأقسام تداول لـ BTC و BCH والعملات المستقرة، بالإضافة إلى أكثر من 600 من العملات المشفرة المبتكرة من الدرجة الأولى، مما يوفر لمستخدمي التشفير المزيد من خيارات التداول.

خلال RLWC2021 ، هتفت CoinEx للرياضيين مع مشجعين من جميع أنحاء العالم. وشهد العالم معًا رياضيين لا يدخرون جهدًا لتحقيق أهدافهم وهم يعرضون رياضة “ما وراء الحدود”. تدعو CoinEx إلى فكرة أن “الجميع متساوون في عالم البلوكتشين”، والتي تردد روح العدالة والمساواة، وكذلك الالتزام بإنجازات جديدة، تدافع عنها الأحداث الرياضية.

على الرغم من الانتهاء من RLWC2021 ، ستستمر روح المساواة والإنصاف التي تنادي بها CoinEx والأحداث الرياضية. في المستقبل، ستواصل البورصة تحسين خدمات المستخدمين مع تزويد المستخدمين العالميين بمنتجات تشفير سهلة الاستخدام، بالإضافة إلى تجارب تداول مريحة وسريعة. ستفي CoinEx بوعدها بتقديم وصول متساو وعادل وغير مقيد للمستخدمين العالميين إلى منتجات التشفير والاستثمار في التشفير.

الصورة –

‫Nike FC  تقدم تجربة Footballverse  في دبي

إطلاق مدعوم بجلسة نقاش حصرية بقيادة الأسطورة العالمية رونالدو 

دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة, 30 نوفمبر / تشرين ثاني 2022  /PRNewswire/ —كشفت Nike، العلامة التجارية للملابس الرياضية، النقاب عن تجربة كرة قدم فريدة تركز على المجتمع في دبي – The Nike FC Footballverse – مما يوفر تجربة غامرة بالكامل لمدة ثلاثة أسابيع في المدينة.

Nike Footballverse panel with Ronaldo, Dan Jacob and Budreya Faisal - DXB

Footballverse ” هو تعبير  Nike  التالي عن الإمكانات غير المحدودة للرياضة، جامعا بين لاعبي  Nike  الرائعين، في الماضي والحاضر، لإظهار أن كل جيل من الرياضيين يمكنه ترك انطباع فريد عن اللعبة، وتوسيع الرياضة، وإلهام الأجيال القادمة لترك بصماتهم.

تنطلق تجربة  Nike FC Footballverse  في دبي وستجلب الرياضة إلى جمهور أوسع وأصغر وأكثر نشاطًا من خلال سلسلة من الألعاب والأنشطة التفاعلية. يعتبر  Nike FC  أكثر من مجرد كرة قدم، وتقوم  Nike FC Footballverse  بإعادة تصور اللعبة من خلال جلب أفضل أجزاء كرة القدم لجعلها أكثر شمولاً وغير متوقعة وأكثر متعة.

 ستكون التجربة مفتوحة في الفترة الممتدة بين 19 نونبر/تشرين الثاني و11 دجنبر/كانون الأول في جميرا بيتش ريزيدنس بدبي. ستشمل الألعاب المصممة لإلهام المجتمعات المحلية مزيجًا من الألعاب الفردية والجماعية التي تتيح للاعبين عرض مهاراتهم وعملهم الجماعي.

تم إطلاق هذه التجربة في جلسة حوارية حصرية ضمت رونالدو، رياضي  Nike  العالمي وأيقونة كرة القدم الدولية، وهو مهاجم منتخب البرازيل السابق والفائز مرتين بالكرة الذهبية، للحديث عن تجاربه في اللعبة على مر السنين، من أيام لعبه إلى دوره الحالي في الملكية. كما ضمت اللجنة دان جاكوب، مدير كرة القدم في أكاديمية تشامبيونز سوكر  Champions Soccer Academy في الإمارات إلى جانب بدرية فيصل ,  مستشار تسويق كرة القدم.

 أطلقت  Nike  كجزء من حملتها المستمرة لمساعدة الجماهير واللاعبين على التعبير عن أنفسهم داخل الملعب وخارجه،  Nike FC Creators Hub  الذي سيفتتح في متجر  Nike  في دبي مول من 21 نونبر/تشرين الثاني حتى 11 دجنبر/كانون الأول. تتم دعوة اللاعبين والفرق وكل من يحب كرة القدم إلى  Nike FC Creators Hub  حيث ينغمس الضيوف في ورش عمل مخصصة لتخصيص المنتجات الإبداعية ويتم تشجيعهم على التعبير عن ذوقهم الفني الفردي من خلال جلسات  Jersey Customisation  واستوديو  Digital Maker . ستكون ورش العمل معرضًا حقيقيًا للإبداع.

للمشاركة في  Footballverse  و Nike FC Creators Hub ، سيحتاج المشجعون إلى التسجيل على

صورة الصحافة  Nike Football Verse:   

  الصورة – 

CGTN: China’s Vision into the Future on New CGTN Docuseries “China Aspirations”

BEIJING, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After China’s 20th National Congress, the country’s roadmap for the future has been the main focus of the international community. China Aspirations offers a fresh interpretation of how China’s change over the years is set to shape its vision for the future.

Presented by CGTN, the four-part docuseries premieres on November 24 globally. China Aspirations will take the audience on a journey across the world, from the birthplace of Chinese civilization to the cradle of China’s quantum technology. From the ancient Hindu temples of Nepal to the great Savannah of Kenya.

Following the lives of 24 groups of individuals, including nuclear fusion scientists, iron-armor craftsmen, elephant guardians, animators, policy makers and doctors etc., the docuseries uncovers clues behind the country’s remarkable change in the past decade by documenting the lives of the individuals who have helped shape the current landscape of China.

China Aspirations  dismantles the conventional narrative of China by showcasing the vivid real-life characters that believe they should be different and can be different. How they can make the impossible possible and simply ‘get things done’, but more importantly, how they see themselves and their role as a global citizen.

The four-part series – “NEW COOL”, “MONEY STORIES”, “MARK MY WORDS”, and “INTO THE FUTURE”, will cover topics on culture, economy, governance, and global affairs.

Many say China has gone through a decade of growing confidence, which has been the cause of concern for many critics and politicians. But for the generations growing up in the past decade, this change is now an intrinsic part of their life and they take pride in rediscovering their heritage and reviving lost traditions.

China Aspirations  showcases the rippling effect brought by this new generation by taking a unique approach from the perspective of a romantic, heroic, and legendary poet in the Chinese history.

Song Ci poem, a special form of China’s musical poetry, has greatly influenced the Chinese people’s spiritual world for over a thousand years. Working with a group of artists dedicated to bringing back the lost form of art, the docuseries, for the first time ever, has been able to re-create the lost tune of one of the most famous and influential Song Ci poems for the modern world to see.

The series also unveils the secrets behind China’s fastest-growing city, at a speed almost unheard of in most parts of the world. And how the world’s first IPO quantum tech company operates after several rounds of U.S. sanctions.

China Aspirations explores the new driving forces behind the world’s second-largest economy on the transition to a high-quality development mode, while listening to the voice of a new generation embracing change to accomplish their dreams.

CGTN will release China Aspirations in 15 languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, French, Mongolian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Hindi, Persian, Vietnamese, Bengali, Myanmar, Indonesian and German.

The full series and short clips will also be available on CGTN’s official website, APP and social media handles after its premier on CGTN.

Video –
Photo –

‫يقدم مرفق الطاقة العالمي Universal Energy Facility منحًا لدعم كهربة الشبكات الصغيرة في جمهورية الكونغو الديمقراطية

فيينا، 30 نونبر/تشرين الثاني 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ستساعد مبادرة جديدة أُطلقت في جمهورية الكونغو الديمقراطية على تحسين الوصول إلى الكهرباء وتمكين آلاف الأشخاص والشركات.

فتح مرفق الطاقة العالمي Universal Energy Facility نافذة تمويل جديدة في جمهورية الكونغو الديمقراطية تقدم منحًا للشركات التي تربط الناس بشبكات صغيرة. يوفر المرفق “تمويلًا قائمًا على النتائج” لهذه الشركات من خلال منح المنح بمجرد إنشاء التوصيلات الكهربائية والتحقق منها.Mini-grid developed with financial grant from the Universal Energy Facility, which recently launched in DRC.

الشبكات الصغيرة ضرورية لتحسين الوصول إلى الكهرباء في جمهورية الكونغو الديمقراطية، حيث يقدر أن 19.1 بالمائة من سكان البلاد يتوفرون كهرباء حاليًا. توفر الشبكات الصغيرة وسيلة سريعة وفعالة لربط ملايين المنازل والشركات بكهرباء نظيفة وموثوقة وبأسعار معقولة في المجتمعات التي يصعب الوصول إليها.

قال السيد أيدسبالد تشاينامولا، المدير العام للوكالة الوطنية للكهرباء وخدمات الطاقة: “إن برنامج الشبكة المصغرة التابع لمرفق الطاقة العالمي Universal Energy Facility يدعم بشكل مباشر جهود حكومة جمهورية الكونغو الديمقراطية والتزامها بتحقيق الوصول الشامل للطاقة وتقليل الانبعاثات الناتجة عن مصادر الطاقة التقليدية بما في ذلك مولدات الوقود وخشب الطاقة الناتج عن إزالة الغابات بشكل كبير”.

من خلال تزويد شركات الطاقة المتجددة بـ 592 دولارًا أمريكيًا لكل اتصال، يقدم مرفق الطاقة العالمي Universal Energy Facility التمويل الذي سيقلل من المخاطر المالية لمشاريع الشبكات الصغيرة، مما سيساعد الشركات على جذب تمويل إضافي لمشاريعها. في المقابل، سيدعم هذا النمو الإجمالي لقطاع الشبكة المصغرة في جمهورية الكونغو الديمقراطية، مما سيساعد على تعزيز الفرص الاجتماعية والاقتصادية الجديدة.Worker using electricity from a mini-grid supported by the Universal Energy Facility in Mada-gascar.

قال داميلولا أوغونبيي، المدير التنفيذي والممثل الخاص للأمين العام للأمم المتحدة للطاقة المستدامة للجميع والرئيس المشارك لشبكة الأمم المتحدة للطاقة: “سيساعد مرفق الطاقة العالمي Universal Energy Facility في تحسين الوصول إلى الكهرباء في المجتمعات في جميع أنحاء جمهورية الكونغو الديمقراطية”. “الشبكات الصغيرة التي يدعمها المرفق ستعمل على توفير الطاقة للمنازل والشركات، وخلق فرص العمل والنمو الاقتصادي داخل هذه المجتمعات”

تأسس مرفق الطاقة العالمي Universal Energy Facility في عام 2020 وتديره منظمة الطاقة المستدامة للجميع، وهي منظمة دولية يقع مقرها الرئيسي في فيينا بالنمسا. جمهورية الكونغو الديمقراطية هي خامس دولة لديها برنامج مرفق الطاقة العالمي Universal Energy Facility ، بالإضافة إلى الدول الأخرى، وهي بنين ومدغشقر وسيراليون ونيجيريا.

في شتنبر/أيلول 2022، أعلن مرفق الطاقة العالمي Universal Energy Facility أنه قد تحقق من أول مجموعة من توصيلات الكهرباء الخاصة به ودفع أول منحة له مقابل 542 اتصالًا بشبكات صغيرة عبر ثمانية مجتمعات في مدغشقر.

من المتوقع أن تكتمل مشاريع الشبكات الصغيرة في جمهورية الكونغو الديمقراطية بدعم من مرفق الطاقة العالمي Universal Energy Facility بحلول نهاية عام 2023 وأوائل عام 2024.

يمكن للشركات التي لديها عمليات شبكات صغيرة في جمهورية الكونغو الديمقراطية وتهتم بالتقدم للحصول على تمويل قائم على النتائج من مرفق الطاقة العالمي Universal Energy Facility التقدم هنا قبل 9 دجنبر/كانون الأول 2022.

حول مرفق الطاقة العالمي Universal Energy Facility

مرفق الطاقة العالمي Universal Energy Facility هو مرفق تمويل قائم على النتائج متعدد المانحين تم إنشاؤه لتسريع وزيادة الوصول إلى الطاقة بشكل كبير عبر أفريقيا جنوب الصحراء الكبرى، بما يتماشى مع الهدف السابع من أهداف التنمية المستدامة للأمم المتحدة واتفاقية باريس. تطمح المنشأة إلى أن تكون منشأة بقيمة 500 مليون دولار أمريكي، توفر ما يقرب من 1.3 مليون توصيلة كهرباء و 300 ألف حل للطهي النظيف، مع تقليل 4.8 مليون طن من انبعاثات الكربون بحلول عام 2023. يدار من قبل الطاقة المستدامة للجميع ويدعمه تحالف الطاقة العالمي للناس والكوكب، مؤسسة شل Shell ، مؤسسة روكفلر Rockefeller ، ورابطة مطوري الشبكات الصغيرة الأفريقية Africa Minigrid Developers ، وشركة باور أفريكا Power Africa ، وطاقات جيدة Good Energies ، ووكالة المملكة المتحدة للتنمية الدولية UKaid ، وصندوق الكربون الاستئماني Carbon Trust ، ومؤسسة إيكيا IKEA ، والوزارة الاتحادية للتعاون الاقتصادي والتنمية، ألمانيا ( BMZ ) ، والوكالة الألمانية للتعاون الدولي ( GIZ ).


81 Percent of Hoteliers See a Lift in Revenue Once a First-Party Data Strategy is Implemented

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sojern, the leading digital marketing platform built for travel, today released the findings of a 2022 survey to discover “How Hotel Brands Are Using First-Party Data to Drive Revenue and Build Stronger Relationships.” The study, conducted by Benchmark Research Partners with global hotel executives, sought to understand how hotel marketers are thinking about and using first-party data to inform go-to-market efforts. When surveyed about measures of success for their businesses, 81 percent of hoteliers said they have seen a lift in revenue as a result of implementing a first-party data strategy.

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Hotel executives from the largest global brands were surveyed with 57 percent having seen a lift in guest satisfaction at their properties. Findings found that 59 percent of hoteliers have already implemented a first-party data strategy, and 62 percent say it’s “very important” to digital marketing, while 75 percent of those who have not yet built a first-party data strategy want to build it. Of those who have established a first-party data strategy, it was primarily to maximize campaign performance (73 percent), build stronger customer relationships (67 percent) and maximize overall revenue growth (67 percent).

Further findings demonstrate that hoteliers have adopted first-party data strategies not only because they saw the monetary benefits, but also the positive impact on customer satisfaction. Of those surveyed 86 percent saw a first-party data strategy as being effective in maximizing overall revenue, 76 percent in increasing campaign performance, 68 percent in building stronger customer relationships and 64 percent in increasing brand value.

Future-proof marketing: Activating first-party data to increase bookings

“It’s no surprise that three quarters of hotel executives want to build a first-party data strategy. Personalized engagement with consumers is a powerful tool for understanding traveler behavior and creating digital campaigns that deliver the right message at the right time. Marketers must make collecting privacy-friendly 1st party data like hashed emails a priority to power their personalization strategies,” said Kurt Weinsheimer, Chief Solutions Officer, Sojern. ” Marketers can then use their first-party data to learn about their audiences—their interests, search behaviors and travel preferences—to ultimately deliver a relevant, seamless customer experience. With Google phasing out third-party cookies in the second half of 2024, a 1st-party strategy also prepares for this change.”

“With the deprecation of third party cookies on the horizon, leveraging first party data is at the center of our audience strategy,” said Jacquelyn DiStasi, Senior Director, Digital Analytics & Optimization from Wyndham. “We invested early in a CDP to ensure we would be able to future-proof our media activation and prevent loss as data collection practices evolve. This shift has enabled us to be more effective and efficient with our spend, leading to better returns for Wyndham. We would highly recommend investing in a first-party data strategy to augment your media practice and partners like Sojern allow for continued growth and enhancement.”

In addition, of those hoteliers who have already built their strategies more than two-thirds feel confident they will get more out of it in 2023. “With a cookieless world coming, it will disrupt the entire industry, and marketers must use this time wisely to prepare,” adds Kurt Weinsheimer. “It’s a great opportunity for the industry to rethink data strategies, but this requires a new mindset. Rather than marketing to the cookie, travel brands can use the opportunity to use people-based marketing across devices. At Sojern we’re already helping hoteliers build their first-party strategy to unlock customer loyalty and drive profitability.”

Supplementing first-party data with a specialist like Sojern

After fifteen years supporting travel, Sojern is well versed in helping partners build long-term strategies to stay ahead of changes in the digital landscape. Knowing that direct bookings are the best way to build brand trust, loyalty and profitability, marketers are encouraged to build relationships with their customers to increase the engagement, efficiency and effectiveness of travel marketing strategies. Developing a first-party activation strategy with a trusted travel marketing partner across channels and devices to drive direct bookings is key to that success.

To see the survey methodology and download the full Hotel Benchmark Report on how hoteliers can unlock the power of personalisation and privacy through first-party data, click here.

About Sojern

Sojern  is the leading digital marketing platform built for travel marketers. Powered by artificial intelligence and traveler intent data, Sojern provides multichannel marketing solutions to drive direct demand. 10,000 hotels, attractions, tourism boards and travel marketers rely on Sojern annually to engage and convert travelers around the world.

About Benchmark Research Partners

Benchmark Research Partners  conducts studies to help industry participants and technology innovators understand market changes and opportunities through peer benchmarking data.

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